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Demographic Dilemma

Genevieve Lefranc

Our economy, consumer society, and retirement programs are all in jeopardy in the face of a looming demographic dilemma. Read on to learn about the dire situation with pensions and social security, and what you can do to protect yourself...

To Die and Let Live

Addison Wiggin

Addison Wiggin discusses the importance of “creative destruction” and why modern civilization, especially in capitalist societies, is determined to ignore it.

Greece Cries “Foul!”

Chuck Butler

No agreement for Greece... U.S. output revision printed.. Aussie and kiwi carve out rallies... SNB scares the bejeebers out of the markets... and more in today's Daily Pfennig with Chuck Butler...

The Fed Does The Old Texas Two-Step…

Chuck Butler

The Fed leaves rates unchanged... the dollar gets sold on the Fed news... SNB stays steady, the Norges Bank cuts rates... while Russia and China drop their Treasury holdings and more in today's Daily Pfennig...

Everything You Need To Know About Debt

Genevieve Lefranc

For the majority of Americans, debt has gotten seriously out of hand. Debt has morphed from the measure by which consumers contribute to our economy, to a global contagion that threatens to alter the current balance of the financial world.

Extra!We’re Due for a Recession in 2014

John H. Makin

The average postwar U.S. expansion has lasted 58 months. In the midst of major policy dislocation in Congress and at the Fed, we are at month 52 of the current expansion, which began in June 2009. But we are running out of time – and luck.