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Extra!We’re Due for a Recession in 2014

John H. Makin

The average postwar U.S. expansion has lasted 58 months. In the midst of major policy dislocation in Congress and at the Fed, we are at month 52 of the current expansion, which began in June 2009. But we are running out of time – and luck.

Extra!Bernanke’s Broken Record

Michael Pento

The real truth is the Fed will not end QE until consumer debt is once again dwarfed by the phony wealth created through asset bubbles.

Extra!Paul Krugman Blown to Bits by Truth Bomb

Jason Farrell

In case you missed the searing waves of humiliating opprobrium blasted on famed economist Paul Krugman by British historian Niall Ferguson, we can give you a quick summary: It was awesome.

Extra!Lehrman: Consequences of Fiat Money Still Unfolding

Jason Farrell

Lehrman, a tireless advocate of the gold standard for the last four decades, cites the end of the Bretton Woods agreement, described by Lehrman as "the last vestige of monetary restraint" in 1971, as the beginning of runaway deficits in the U.S.