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Now’s the Time to Buy Housing Stocks – While They’re Cheap

Greg Guenthner

So let me point out one of the new clues for you: construction hiring is actually on the mend after years of decline. Contractors added 48,000 jobs in December, according to the latest numbers. Full-year numbers were also better than expected, clocking in at 9-year highs. Why is no one talking about that?

Buy Transportation Stocks to Take Advantage of the Oil Collapse

Greg Guenthner

Low gas prices means industries weighed down by higher prices just had a huge present dropped in their laps. Their operating costs just went way down, which will allow them to turn much higher profits. Higher profits can lead to higher stock prices. And higher stock prices mean bigger gains for you.

An End to the Greatest Health Care Rip-off of the Century?

Stephen Petranek

Why is it that an MRI costs $1,080 in America and $280 in France? Stephen Petranek says there’s a shocking health care rip-off happening in America almost no one knows about. But it’s not all bad news. New tech advances could slash insurance premiums and make prescription drugs obsolete.

Dead Malls of America: Here’s How to Play the Trend…

Greg Guenthner

Right now, there are plenty of traders speculating on potential comebacks from old-school retail like J.C. Penney and others. Frankly, I wouldn't bet on things to get any better for 'em. They offer nothing that a shopper can't get online or at a place like Target. They've lost their niche. Those big, fluorescent stores are quickly becoming dinosaurs.

A Perfect Storm: Brace Yourself for an Epic Economic Meltdown

James Rickards

The Bank for International Settlements issued a warning yesterday: As emerging-market debt in dollars increases, the impact of the Fed’s interest rate decision becomes global. It’s a topic our own Jim Rickards got out in front of months ago. He believes the potential fallout from these growing debts in strong-dollar world could be six times as large as the ’07 mortgage meltdown. Read on...

A Mexican Oil Boom in the Making: How You Can Profit from a Proven Operator

Chris Mayer

There are rumblings of an oil comeback in a country that isn’t often mentioned in the same sentence as oil. But they’re been a major producer for years, and lately they’re really getting their act together. That’s why today, Chris has a new opportunity from this little-thought-of nation, that could set you up for big gains in the years ahead…

The House Always Wins and You Can, Too

Greg Guenthner

Most traders think of the market as one big roulette wheel or poker table. Get lucky and win big, they say. That's all you can hope for. It's like that stupid lottery pitch - all you need is a dollar and a dream. But I'm telling you right now - that's just plain wrong.

GMO Bombshell: Are GMOs Perfectly Safe After All?

Ray Blanco

There’s a story about GMOs no one is telling… It has to do with bad science and screwed-up research that not only make you paranoid over what you eat, but are fueling world hunger. Ray Blanco looks into the GMO controversy, and why GMO crops can help feed the world.

In Praise of Price Discovery

David Stockman

Our friend David Stockman hails the god of price discovery after yesterday's Swiss monetary surprise. If you missed it, they delinked the Swiss franc from the Euro -- sending markets off on an erratic reel. Mr. Stockman fills you in on the details and opines why it's about time currency markets were alone...