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Here’s How to Get Out of a Horrible Trade

Greg Guenthner

An asteroid strike, terrorist attack, extreme weather, riots, the Patriots following NFL rules-- or earnings estimates that completely miss the goalposts-- are all events that can “shock” the price of stocks. Dems is the breaks, as they say.

Peter Thiel Explains What Backs the U.S. Dollar

Chris Mayer

In a recent interview, Peter Thiel gave a simple and clear explanation of what gives the U.S. dollar its power. “It surprised me,” writes Chris Mayer, “because I had not heard anyone but fringe economists give it. And yet it is the key to understanding modern money.” Chris revisits the idea… including some radical ideas “that will change the way you think of money and the economy forever.”

Could Steak Really Cause Arthritis?

Stephen Petranek

Can you really eat more salt? Is arthritis caused by steak? Are artificial sweeteners really Satan’s sugar? Stephen Petranek comes clean about 2014’s wackiest health recommendations in his new series on “The Truth About MD Warnings.”

Now’s the Time to Buy Housing Stocks – While They’re Cheap

Greg Guenthner

So let me point out one of the new clues for you: construction hiring is actually on the mend after years of decline. Contractors added 48,000 jobs in December, according to the latest numbers. Full-year numbers were also better than expected, clocking in at 9-year highs. Why is no one talking about that?

The Currency Wars’ “Pearl Harbor”

James Rickards

The most dramatic battle yet in the currency wars took place last Thursday. It was the financial equivalent of a Pearl Harbor sneak attack. Jim Rickards has the full story... what it means moving forward... and a lesson for all gold investors...

Why Oil Can’t Stay Cheap

Byron King

As consumers, you want to see low prices at the pump. But for investors who've been riding the American fracking boom, are these low prices a death knell? Byron’s advice to you, as an investor with exposure to energy stocks, is to not panic in the face of short-term market turmoil. And Byron’s got two picks primed to rebound…

Buy Transportation Stocks to Take Advantage of the Oil Collapse

Greg Guenthner

Low gas prices means industries weighed down by higher prices just had a huge present dropped in their laps. Their operating costs just went way down, which will allow them to turn much higher profits. Higher profits can lead to higher stock prices. And higher stock prices mean bigger gains for you.

An End to the Greatest Health Care Rip-off of the Century?

Stephen Petranek

Why is it that an MRI costs $1,080 in America and $280 in France? Stephen Petranek says there’s a shocking health care rip-off happening in America almost no one knows about. But it’s not all bad news. New tech advances could slash insurance premiums and make prescription drugs obsolete.

Dead Malls of America: Here’s How to Play the Trend…

Greg Guenthner

Right now, there are plenty of traders speculating on potential comebacks from old-school retail like J.C. Penney and others. Frankly, I wouldn't bet on things to get any better for 'em. They offer nothing that a shopper can't get online or at a place like Target. They've lost their niche. Those big, fluorescent stores are quickly becoming dinosaurs.