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Why You Can’t Remember Much

Stephen Petranek

How did you sleep last night? If you’re like as many as 70 million adults in the United States, the answer is “not so well”. Stephen Petranek has more on the CDC’s warning on the effects of the lack of sleep and why it’s such an untapped market.

Greece Defaults… Here’s What’s Next

Chuck Butler

As Greece's last minute pleas fall on deaf ears, Chuck Butler reports on the rumors that they have finally signed off on creditors' demands, and explains the current debt situation in Puerto Rico...

Bet On The House — Go Long With Copper

Frank Holmes

Global electrification and growing use of renewable energy are going to drive up copper demand for the foreseeable future. And these mega trends are becoming inevitable as the world’s developing countries move toward building a global middle class — In fact, it’s estimated that two billion people will get electricity in the near future. That’s going to move the needle on copper...

What The ECB Will Do

Chuck Butler

Chuck Butler explains the breakdown of the Greek referendum vote that will take place this Sunday, plus the euro rallies then sells off, and another week data print from New Zealand... all that and more in today's Daily Pfennig...