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Bill BonnerMemorial Day

Bill Bonner

Manic phases in political history and stock history are compared and contrasted in this Memorial Day edition where we praise the people who fought in our wars.

A Killer Trade: Make the Grim Reaper Pay

Greg Guenthner

…the grim reaper doesn't exactly make for a sexy sales pitch. Think about it. Why would a trader want to buy death care stocks when he could just as easily play the latest social media IPO? Nobody wants to talk about death. I can see you practically squirming in your chair right now just reading this.

Those Mosquito Bites Are in Your Genes

Stephen Petranek

Ever wonder why mosquitoes favor some people (maybe yourself) more than others? Science finally has a reason. Stephen Petranek explains how a new study out of London says it’s all in your genes.

How to Profit from a Bull Market in Bad Pizza

Greg Guenthner

I told you last week that while retail sales came in flat overall there was one major bright spot. Spending at restaurants was higher. Folks are eating out in record numbers. And these cheap pizza joints are a great way to play the trend.

Grab 20% In Two Months Or Less, As Dr. Copper Gets Well Again

Greg Guenthner

At this rate, we could see our favorite copper play jump by as much as 20% in just the next few weeks, says Greg. Best of all, most investors haven’t spotted this trade opportunity, and won’t until it’s too late to make the real gains. But if you buy in today, you could be smiling very soon...

3 Weeks of Collateral Left For Greece

Chuck Butler

More Weak Data in the U.S. pushes dollar down... But the optimists are looking for better data this week... U. of Michigan Cons. Conf. points to weaker dollar... Russia cancels auction, but can't stop ruble rally... and more!

It’s the Bee’s Knees

Stephen Petranek

Curing a canker sore could be as sweet as honey. Stephen Petranek looks at a recent study that might make you do away with expensive topical treatments.