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Laissez FaireWhy Democracy Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Chris Campbell

Is Democracy really all it's cracked up to be? And, more importantly, does Hong Kong really need it? China's wayward island already enjoys many of the freedoms of most democratic countries including free business, free trade and even low taxes. Chris Campbell ponders this idea today as he observes the protests from afar.

VideoThe Two-Pronged Approach To Safe, Consistent Gains

Steve Forbes

What causes individual investors to underperform the market year after year? Volatility? The Fed? In today’s video, Steve Forbes reveals what’s sabotaging your investment strategy – and the simple steps you can take to see consistent gains.

The Real Reason the Global Economy is Such a Mess – and How to Fix It

Steve Forbes

Why is the global economy such a mess? Why can't the world's foremost economists and financial thinkers seem to get it right? Simple... They don't understand the most basic element that makes up an economy: money. And as Steve Forbes explains, it all stems from the incorrect assumptions of a general theory of money. Read on...

Your Chance to Profit Alongside America’s Wealthiest Investors

Wayne Mulligan

For years the world's wealthiest investors have had the most profitable sector of the market all to themselves. But thanks to Title III of the JOBS Act, that's all about to change... What does Title III actually say? And, more importantly, how will you be able to use it to make a fortune? Wayne Mulligan explains...

3 Examples of How the U.S. Is Totally Unprepared for an Ebola Outbreak

Chris Campbell

You might not want to hear it, but the CDC is completely dropping the ball on the current Ebola outbreak. In the last 24 hours, three new pieces of news have come out that reveal just how shockingly unprepared the U.S. is to deal with this disease... Today, Chris Campbell goes over each point in detail. Read on...

A “Silent Buy” Signal in One Unloved Market Sector

Greg Guenthner

Between declining markets, Ebola threats and continuing conflict in the Middle East, there's certainly enough bad news to go around, these days. But if you look closely, you may see a glimmer of hope in one unloved section of the market. And that could present a buying opportunity... if you have the guts. Greg Guenthner explains...

Extra!5 Reasons Why Stocks Are Falling

Steve Forbes

The market is going through a rough patch right now. Stocks are tumbling, investor confidence is slumping and the whole U.S. economy seems to hang in the balance. Today, Steve Forbes relays 5 reasons this is happening... and why it's NOT the end of the world. Read on...

8 Unusual Rules to Help You Become a Better Investor

Chris Mayer

Maintaining a strong commitment to your investing principles can be difficult, especially in the face of rising (and pricey) stock markets. Today, Chris Mayer discusses one investor who's managed to do this for years, and relays eight of the principles he follows that help him remain a consistent and successful investor. Read on...

Prepare to Profit from the “Combat Cloud”

Byron King

The technology behind the current fleet of American military aircraft is truly astounding.. t's also horribly outdated. But as Byron King explains steps are finally being taken to update these aircraft, and that could mean a very profitable investment opportunity for a few savvy investors. Read on...

An Insider Report from the World’s Largest Ebola Symposium

Chris Campbell

Yesterday, Laissez Faire Today editor Chris Campbell managed to finagle his way into the world's largest Ebola symposium, conducted by the prestigious Johns Hopkins University. It was attended by some of the world's leading authorities on infectious disease. Here is Chris's exclusive report. But fair warning... What he found may shock you...