The Next Saudi Arabia

The oil resources off Brazil are in the same scope as those of Saudi Arabia. The oil potential is huge. Beyond huge. It’s a game changer for the world of energy. No, the Brazilian resource doesn’t mean that Peak Oil is history. But it does mean that history is about to change. Indeed, the angel of history is favoring the nation of Brazil.

The problem with the oil offshore Brazil is that the hydrocarbons are far out — up to 200 miles into the open ocean. They’re under one-two miles of seawater, and then buried under three-four miles of rock and salt. It won’t be easy to define the resource, or to extract it. Still, the investment opportunities are there.

One of the strongest investment sectors of the next 20 or 30 years will be drilling for oil and natural gas offshore, in the deep water of the world. Offshore Brazil is right on the cusp of a monumental oil boom. That deep-water offshore boom will eventually migrate to offshore West Africa, even more than the relatively near-shore development of the past 30 years. Eventually, the deep-water development will move into the Arctic Ocean.

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