Shocking Proof That the Election Is Rigged…

Like him or not, Donald Trump is right…

The presidential election has been “rigged.”

I’m not talking about Democratic operatives stuffing ballot boxes. Not that kind of “rigging.”

What I’m referring to is a systematic manipulation of the electoral process that’s been happening far away from polling stations but right in front of our eyes.

And no one has the power to stop it…

The Ascension of Queen Hillary

CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, the New York Times, Facebook, Google, the Washington Post, etc. love to dismiss talk about a “rigged” election as the work of tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists.

But what happens when the conspiracy stops being theory and starts becoming fact?

Consider Clinton’s ascension to the throne of the American presidency…

It’s played out like a quintessential Hollywood political thriller featuring every cliché you can imagine… hundreds of millions in payoffs, shady deals, government cover-ups and media collusion.

There is documented evidence of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) secretly colluding with the Clinton campaign to defeat insurgent Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary.

Not only did they steal the nomination from the socialist Sanders but they forced him to lick Hillary’s boot with an endorsement. Wonder what they had on him that warranted him throwing all of his supporters under his VW bus?

The next obstacle in Clinton’s path to power was her private email server scandal. But her backroom cronies took care of that one too.

The episode is best summed up by Holman Jenkins in the Wall Street Journal:

“Mrs. Clinton was verbally convicted by the FBI chief for mishandling classified information yet somehow not formally charged. Her aides were allowed to cut curious deals with FBI investigators that effectively swept under the rug any possible charges against them for obstruction or evidence tampering.”

The latest Wikileaks release even shows the State Department – the lead institution for American diplomacy – getting involved by trying to reduce Clinton’s legal jeopardy by offering a quid pro quo deal with the FBI.

And all the while, the press has run cover for Clinton.

Wikileaks has revealed that some of the most prominent journalists in the world are no more than Democratic operatives with a byline…

CNBC’s John Harwood acted as an informal advisor to Clinton’s campaign while also posing as an impartial moderator at the first Republican primary debate.

Glenn Thrush, Chief Political Correspondent at POLITICO, was caught red-handed submitting his stories to Clinton’s campaign chief, John Podesta, for approval before publishing.

Donna Brazile, formerly of CNN and now DNC chair (shocking transition!), was caught giving the Clinton campaign debate questions beforehand while working at CNN as a journalist.

Go watch her Megyn Kelly interview where she starts sweating. You might just puke in your mouth at her contempt for any sense of right and wrong.

And the media collusion was so blatant that when Clinton face plants and passes out at the 9/11 Memorial, there is a coordinated media talking point sent out to use the word “stumble” when describing her collapse.

They do this even though there is video that shows it’s 100% false.

From the beginning, the insiders have all done their part to keep the Clinton train rolling forward.

The End of the Road

The polls show this is likely the end of the road for Trump. Frankly, I’m shocked he’s gotten this far.

His entire campaign has been a guided missile aimed at the Deep State’s Death Star.

No candidate in history has been so direct about draining the swamp in Washington, D.C. And no outsider has gotten this close to the ultimate seat of power as Trump has.

So they took him out and publicly waterboarded him.

I told you they were going to throw the kitchen sink at Trump.

And that’s just what they did with the coordinated release of sexual allegations against him just weeks before Election Day… allegations withheld until it was “go time.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not defending Trump.

His behavior and his egregious lack of discipline on the campaign trail gave the media the excuse it needed to regularly freak out over his miscues while ignoring Clinton’s criminality.

But does Trump’s run leave the door open for another reformist outsider to run for President next time around?

Doubtful. Who in their right mind wants to take the arrows Trump took?

No sane person, that’s for sure.

The real lesson of this election is this…

America has crossed the point of no return.

The system has become so corrupt that the insiders will NEVER cede power.

We’re watching the disintegration of America.

Ask yourself…

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Michael Covel
for The Daily Reckoning

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