Ron Paul presidential bid?

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) has filed the papers necessary as a first step toward running for president.

If you're not already famiilar with the good doctor (an OB/GYN — yes, he could actually make an honest living if Congress ceased to exist tomorrow), he's the one consistent voice for sound fiscal and monetary policy in Congress — the one guy who could be relied upon to call Alan Greenspan on his balderdash and obfuscation during the "Maestro's" time at the Fed.  And even more important (because economic freedom cannot last long in an environment of perpetual warfare) he's a consistent voice against the war in Iraq and all acts of Empire.  In other words, he's the one guy who seriously takes his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.

And given the degree to which Iraq weighs in the public mind right now, it is perhaps a sign of the times that as of this writing, the right-wing Drudge Report has no mention of this story, but the left-wing Raw Story does. 

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