Government Shutdown 2013: Top 5 Hilarious Twitter Reactions

Washington is expected to fall apart come midnight tonight. With congress unable to reach an agreement on the federal budget, the government will… gasp… have to shut down. 800,000 federal employees are expected to be furloughed, with “non-essential” services temporarily shelved.

While the shutdown draws closer, Twitter scoffs at the drama. We’ve seen this all before, after all: The 1995 shutdown didn’t lead to disaster, unless you consider welfare reform and Monicagate national emergencies. As before, if the shutdown does indeed happen midnight, most Americans won’t notice the difference.

Here’s a few of the best tweets on the looming shutdown.

5. Think of the Children!


4. Think of the Cartels!


3. It is now safe to turn off your bureaucracy…


2. Trick question: The Fed is not the government.


1. Not even ironic.


On that last note: The National Park Service has decided to begin barricading monuments and memorials across Washington D.C. early Tuesday if a shutdown is not averted—even the outdoor memorials on the national mall, where staffers are seldom ever seen. Permits will be revoked, and the latest Honor Flight gathering is even expected to be turned away.

Why the feds need to put barricades around inanimate concrete sculptures is unclear. Perhaps they’re afraid gangs of vandals will suddenly emerge and tag them all without the intimidating presence of national park service employees. More likely, they’re just obeying another senseless mandate designed to stir up public anger. Perhaps they’ll throw a tarp over the Washington monument so the rest of us can’t look at it.

In any case, we’ll light a cigar, pour a couple fingers of brandy and toast to the shutdown. Don’t listen to the apoplectic rants of bureaucrats and journalists who claim things are going to fall apart. If it happens, it will largely be the snore it was a decade ago.

Jason Farrell

For The Daily Reckoning

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