Police State USA

Utah cops beat 70-year-old woman for not watering her lawn.

Trouble flared when Utah pensioner Betty Perry, 70, refused to give her name after being upbraided because her garden breached local regulations.

She says the officer hit her with handcuffs, cutting her nose, although police insist she slipped and fell.

Ms Perry said she was "distraught" after the incident.

She denied accusations she was resisting arrest, maintaining that she only turned to go inside to call her son to fix the confusing dispute.

Different jurisdictions have different rules about whether you have to give your name to the cops, and I don't know what the rule is in Orem, Utah.  The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2004 that law enforcement does have the authority to demand your name if it so desires.

Then there's the whole issue of police-state enforcement of green lawns.  Especially when most of Utah is in a state of moderate drought.

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