Oil Spill "Uh Oh": Poisonous to Environment AND Politics

Deep Do-Do Horizon…

Well, Rand Paul, Ron’s son, has already put his foot in his mouth.

He’s quoted in the news telling the media to back off and give BP a break. “Everybody makes mistakes…” he says.

Of course, Rand is right. Even huge oil companies err. And anyone who tries to drill a hole in the earth’s crust a mile below the surface of the water, is bound to have a few ‘uh oh’ moments.

The size of the ‘uh oh’ in this case could be breathtaking. Who knows? On the one hand, the oil company acts like our son, Edward, 16, when he drops a glass or forgets to do his homework. “It’s no big deal… Don’t get all excited about it…” he says.

On the other, there are ‘experts’ predicting an EE – an ‘extinction event.’ If enough black goo oozes out of the hole, they say, it could poison all the oceans…and make the planet uninhabitable! The continental US will be a land crowned with brotherhood from slick to shining slick.

We don’t know what to think. So we don’t think anything at all. Besides, the newspaper tells us that Kevin Costner has invented a new technology for cleaning up the ocean – called “ocean therapy.” No kidding.

But the media is on BP’s case. And the politicians too. Nobody likes a big oil company. And Rand Paul’s comment – according to the press – just proves the man is not fit to sit in the US Congress. The press wants someone who knows how to fake outrage when the moment calls for it.

We don’t know Rand Paul; we only know his father. Pere Paul is the kind of politician the country needs but won’t accept. He offers real ‘change.’ That is to say, if he had the power to do so, he would unwind the welfare/warfare state. He would more-or-less, let people alone to get on with their own lives again.

But that is not what Americans want…neither Republicans, Democrats, nor Tea Party members. Nor is it what voters want. What the man on the street seems to want is cheaper gasoline, free health care, food stamps, Social Security, wars and boondoggles. At least, that’s what the evidence suggests. He wants protection from everything and a free lunch too.

We don’t know about Rand.

But as for Ron…the country doesn’t deserve him.

Bill Bonner
for The Daily Reckoning

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