No Taxation Without Inflation

While reading a short essay by Donald H. Grove, I was pleasantly surprised to learn of Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) who “is a member of the House Financial Services Committee helping to hold the line against Chairman Barney Frank”, which automatically makes her one of my favorite people, although she would be a bigger favorite of mine if she were a hot foxy lady known for “viciously attacking Chairman Barney Frank while dressed in a scanty cheerleader outfit.”

Anyway, it turns out that she explained to the Washington Times, “someone has to pay for [the stimulus package] whether it’s today’s taxpayers or their children and grandchildren. There comes a time when government simply cannot provide enough government jobs to bolster the economy. There comes a time when the taxpayers’ burden to pay for all of the projects is too heavy to carry.”

I think, “Hooray! Bravo! Well said!” In fact, I was so pleased that I called her office, and told the receptionist that I wanted to talk to Ms. Bachmann, and she asked me what it was that I wanted to discuss. So I told her that I would like to speak to Ms. Bachmann to suggest that since she is on the same committee as the ridiculous and dangerous Barney Frank whose preposterous Democrat “equality of outcomes at any cost” dogma has ruined America, she should order a Mogambo All-Purpose Whacker (MAPW), which is made in America, from an American baseball bat (also made in America), but with the tell-tale “Louisville Slugger” trademark painted over, so that the next time this Frank clown starts up with that ridiculous and disastrous socialist/fascist/communist crap of his, she can reach out and pop him a good one upside the head with that MAPW and maybe knock some smarts into his thick head! She’d be doing a public good! Hahaha!

I may be overly sensitive, but it seemed that the receptionist gave a little gasp, her voice got frosty and officious, and abruptly told me that Ms. Bachmann would get back to me, and then she hung up on me.

So I expect Ms. Bachmann to, you know, call me back pretty soon, and as I wait for her call, I mull over her statement that “Somebody has to pay,” because she is Absolutely Freaking Right (AFR), of course. If she were just talking about personal income taxes, then everybody would immediately object, and say, “Have me pay higher taxes for government idiocy? No freaking way!”

I am grateful that the conversation has not turned to taxing me since I must have too much money, seeing that I spend so much money on myself and so little on my family and how I am a lousy husband and father for whom a long prison sentence is better than I deserve and blah blah blah. Instead, she is not only talking about taxation, but she is also talking about the horrific inflation in the prices of things that will result from all of this governmental deficit spending, which is appropriate since inflation has been compared to a tax in that it makes prices go up.

And inflation in prices which is what you get when taxes paid by businesses are added, like all other expenses, to the business’s costs of production, and I notice that nobody is bellyaching about that, even though the poor, or children, or poor children, or poor children who have children, who may or may not also be poor, are used like cudgels by the government to beat taxes out of us on their behalf so as to give money to these poor, these poor children, et al, which makes prices go up.

Thus, these selfsame poor, these same suffering people, end up suffering even MORE of the deprivations of not having enough money to buy the stuff they need, by (wait for the punch line!) having things cost more! Hahaha!

And they cost more when more government taxes are levied on businesses and sales, which are just expenses that get added to the costs of things that the poor have to buy, so that the government could get the money to give to the poor, which made prices go up to cover the cost of the tax! Hahaha! What a system!

What can you do but laugh at a nation that prides itself on its emphasis on being smart and educated, and yet we get the Democrat Party? Hahaha! Okay, I will not go into a smear campaign against Democrats and the laughable, bankrupting stupidities they believe as a necessary part of “wanting to do good”, especially now that we Republicans have turned out to be the worst kind of corrupt political trash in living memory, and we don’t have the right to claim respect from anybody, which embarrasses the hell out of me, but which is another story for another time when I am a LOT more drunk and I can get a LOT more belligerent.

In the meantime, if you are like me – who is like Peter Finch’s character in the movie Network – then you are either at, or near the point where you are standing in the street, screaming, “I am as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

As bad as this is on the relationships you have with your neighbors, then you really Go Freaking Ballistic (GFB) when you also realize that the inflation in prices due to government taxes is probably chickenfeed compared to the inflation in prices that will be caused by the damnable Federal Reserve continuing to create vast, uncountable tons of new money and credit, and then you start screaming anew, and everybody is looking around and asking, “What in the hell bothering you now, you weird old man?” like they don’t know! See the kind of stupid crap I have to put up with all the time?

One of these days, I swear, I am going to go freaking berserk, and people will want to know, and police investigators will want to know, as people all over the place will want to know, “What in the hell happened?” and, “How did a maniac like that get an anti-aircraft cannon, anyway?” even as they continue to deny the existence of invisible government helicopters without offering any proof at all, and likewise continuing to believe that the problems caused by the bust, caused by the boom, caused by the Federal Reserve creating the money and credit necessary, caused by the federal government’s deficit-spending, can be solved by more booms caused by the Federal Reserve creating the money and credit necessary, caused by the federal government’s deficit-spending! Hahahaha!

Well, Ms. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) can’t seem to “find the time” to return my call about knocking sense into certain people’s heads “the old-fashioned way”, but she has nevertheless found the time to say that “Government should not take on the role of creating the jobs and buying the goods”, to which I say, “‘Take on’? Did you say ‘take on’? Hell, where have you been all this time, as government spending now accounts for half of all spending in America, and where the government is also responsible for half of all employment as the result of all of that government spending? ‘Take on the role of creating jobs and buying the goods?’ Gimme a break! Hahahaha!”

Since I never met her, I can only imagine that she is now resentful of the interruption and the snide joke at her expense, as were so many others all those other times when I viciously attacked other people all out of any sense of proportion. So, before I give her a chance to really bust my chops, I will sum up with a quick tip for you to get up off your lazy butt and go buy gold, silver and oil to save yourself when the inflation in prices starts really raging from this inflation in the money supply.

And my last piece of advice, as I head out the door, is to stay away from Ms. Bachmann for a while; I hear she is really angry about something!

Until next time,

The Mogambo Guru

January 14, 2009

The Daily Reckoning