More Stupider Economics had an interview that had the title “Why so many conspiracy theories?” which was intriguing enough, but made funny when they editorialized “Dominant Social Theme: Are people getting stupider?”

Unfortunately, they do not answer this question directly or indirectly, although my research did discover, thanks to a secret code, threatening and perhaps prophetic threats in the text of the article, most of them being “Die, Mogambo” and “Taser your testicles, Mogambo”.

So, although it is an interesting conjecture, the world must wait in the dark and ponder if indeed people are getting more stupid, although the answer, of course, is “Yes, we are getting stupider.”

As bad as this is for America, this is actually good for me! As a writer of the Mogambo Guru newsletter, I am painfully aware that it is embarrassingly filled with Stupid Mogambo Crap (SMC), and so I assume that the stupid and the insane are my natural market since intelligent and/or sane people don’t read my stuff since I figure that if I was intelligent and sane, I sure wouldn’t waste my time reading it! Hahaha!

And without the feedback from my readers (“You are an idiot and you look as stupid as you sound! We hate your guts!”) I wouldn’t hear from my family and friends at all!

This “family and friends” business is not the point, and is another sad story for another time, but which involves them acting like idiots and not buying gold, silver and oil when their government is acting like fiscal and monetary morons, and then getting offended when I tell them how 4,500 years of history says that they are acting stupidly.

And since you asked about it, the story is that then they wanted to get snippy with me and splutter their lame “No it’s not!” blanket refutation of the facts I had just stated. So I told them, my voice dripping with venom and an ill-disguised undertone of contempt, that ANOTHER 4,500 years will not be enough to remove the stain of how stupid they are behaving today and, even now, flying saucers traversing near this quadrant of the galaxy already have sensors recording elevated levels of stupidity contaminating this whole sector, which really sent them over the edge, for some damned reason, whereupon things were said, threats were made, bullets were fired and they all ran away, screaming, like the little wussy crybabies they are, and I could have easily mowed them down as they waddled to their cars, but I did not, which is a fact that they won’t even acknowledge!

Oops! Make that “stupid wussy crybabies” since the upshot of the story is that they have not used the intervening time since then to get some gold, nor silver, nor oil, nor better armaments, even as they are complaining about being outgunned last time we met! I mean, how stupid can you get?

But the serious answer is that we unfortunately have to be getting stupider because of Darwinian pressures: there are no survival benefits that accrue to the intelligent by virtue of having children, so superior genes are not encouraged to be passed along by the government.

On the other hand, the unfortunately naturally stupid are usually not going to get jobs, and government programs that provide free money, free housing free food, free medical care and scads of free benefits, with lots of overlapping and redundant giveaway programs from other governments and agencies, actually go looking for these poor people to sign up to receive these benefits, the result being that the passing along a set of “less gifted” genes to lots of small children DOES have a HUGE survival benefit!

So to think that we would NOT get stupider is to be ignorant of the mechanics of simple evolution, which is not to mention the increase in stupidity caused by rampant alcohol and drug use, which is not to mention the increase in the problems caused by eating yummy pizzas covered with meat products that clog up your arteries and the capillaries in your brain so that your brain dies of oxygen starvation, even though you know it clogs your arteries long before you eat it, but it tastes so good that you don’t care, and the next thing you know, you are standing at an altar with the stupid idea that you would be happy to be married, which is before you learned that you eat like a pig and you eat all the wrong foods and you start “eating healthy” and your brain clears up and you realize your horrible, horrible mistake.

Plus, the decision-making power of the US has gone into the toilet since Leftist Congress and the Supreme Court have legitimized affirmative action so that the classical American meritocracy system composed of groups of “the brightest and the best” has been replaced by quota-perfect composition by racial or aggrieved status so that every group in business and government has its fair share of the poorly qualified (which is why they were not picked to start with) instead of the best-qualified, thus dragging overall performance down for half a century.

Plus, we are holding cell phones up to our ears all day long, and the emissions are probably frying our brains out right now as I sit next to you on the plane, which explains why I can feel the rays actually entering my brain, destroying the part of my frontal lobe that keeps me from reaching over in some unexplained, unreasonable rage and someone in the bazoo!

And as a result of the cell phone, nobody gets anything done at work, making us appear stupid, because we are all so busy answering the phones, or calling someone on the phone, or texting someone on the phone, or checking up on things on the phone, or returning calls on the phone, or interrupting calls on the phone to take another call on the same damned phone so that you get so frustrated that you want to reach out and, for instance, punch somebody in the bazoo!

So, yes, the answer is that we are getting stupider because the people, and the whole system, are getting stupider and stupider, which is proved in their belief in the ability of a government to provide a free lunch of some kind to more and more people, both here and around the globe, by merely creating the money to pay for it! Hahaha!

I notice that Frank Holmes of US Global Investors is not around to stop me, so I will use something he said to buttress my argument. “The real damage, right now,” he says, “comes from populist policies that are rewarding and encouraging envy and justifying jealousy. When jealousy and envy come to dominate a society, the society becomes dysfunctional and most people lose.”

I was hoping that he would have gone on, “And when you give these coveting, envious, greedy morons the chance to give themselves money, benefits and advantages by merely voting for someone who promises to give it to them if elected, it means these higher costs and burdens will pass through to the ultimate consumer, just like all other costs and burdens always do, in the form of higher prices. And if there is one thing that we don’t want, it is inflation in consumer prices because it means that Mogambo The Glorious And Irritating (MTGAI) was right, so tragically, horribly right, to bellow, night and day until we are all sick of hearing it, that inflation in consumer prices is the thing to be feared above all others, as it is inflation in consumer prices that destroys economies because it means that the poor, on whose behalf the money was created by the Federal Reserve so that the government could borrow and spend it in the first place, are, collectively, even worse off than they were! Worse off! Hahaha! “We’re from the government and we are here to help you!” Hahaha!

My advice to the government, if they really want to help the poor, is to stop allowing the creation of more money and credit by the Federal Reserve. Which they won’t.

And since they won’t, my advice to the poor is to buy as much gold as they can. Which they won’t because they can’t.

Ergo, my advice to everyone is do not become poor, and if you can afford to buy gold and silver, buy as much gold and silver as you can, because the government is acting as irresponsible as it can.

And as far as “theories of investing” go, this one is both time-tested and ironclad guaranteed, and believe me when I tell you that investing doesn’t get any easier than that! Whee!

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