Introducing the DR’s Newest Heavyweight

I have an important announcement to make today…

As you know, I’ve recently added some heavyweights to our editorial team, including Jim Rickards and David Stockman. And now I’ve just added someone else…

I’ve spent the last decade looking for a super-trader. Someone who could help guide Agora Financial readers during these difficult times. This was no easy task. After all, the best traders in the world are extremely secretive. They hate sharing their moneymaking secrets with everyday investors like you and me.

But I found one exception… Michael Covel.

Michael is not only willing to share his knowledge with everyday investors. He’s made it his mission to show investors how to profit from a little-known strategy that has been minting millionaires for the past two centuries.

Ever since discovering the power of this strategy in 1996, he has been teaching investors how to use it. More important, he has personally met and learned trading secrets from some of the greatest traders of our generation. These are traders who make millions in up and down markets. And Covel learned directly from these legendary traders.

We couldn’t have found a better addition to our team of experts at Agora Financial than Michael. Whether it’s writing, interviewing others, managing his own money or helping readers and listeners to his podcast invest, he follows the KISS principle — Keep It Simple, Stupid!

The last thing you want your investment strategy to be is complicated. For me, the biggest advantage to Michael’s trading approach is not just that you make money in up and down markets… but that he makes the explanation simple.

By making his trading strategy clear, Michael helps keep investors’ emotions in check and their decisions consistent with what the market can deliver. In 2008, for example, when most people lost their shirts, many of Covel’s private clients made a fortune from his strategy.

Jeff P., one of his readers from Illinois, tripled his money during the mayhem! He sent Michael a note back in 2009 saying: “We made just under 100% return in 2008. We can’t thank you enough for sharing your wisdom with us. Thanks again, Michael!” Peter T., another one of Michael’s readers from California, said he made 60% in 2008. Another reader, Patrick M., says, “Our full-year return in 2008 was in excess of 100%.”

As the trader and author of six books Steve Burns puts it, “Michael Covel has spent over a decade” making his strategy “accessible to the average investor. Those who have listened and taken heed to his advice have done well in the wild markets over the past years, while buy-and-hold investors have ridden the proverbial price roller coaster to zero returns or worse.”

These reader and investor results are a big reason why I decided to partner with Michael Covel now. We’d been talking for years about working on a project together. But it’s especially critical now with the markets entering into another uncertain and potentially disastrous period.

As I write this on the first day of February 2016, the markets are coming off the worst start to the year since the Great Depression. And investors are freaking out about the possibility of another 2008-type of meltdown. So I want to be able to put Michael’s experience, knowledge and track record in your own quiver of investment arrows.

To kick off this partnership, I asked Michael to develop a simple, proprietary trading system for our readers… one that will help you make money in up and down markets. Luckily for you, he’s accepted and even relishes the challenge.

The government, financial media and Wall Street do not want you to know Michael’s secrets. Because you’ll realize you don’t need any of those people to become successful. Michael will give you all the tools you need to make money in our “boom and bust” economy. Once you become familiar with Michael’s work, I promise you will never look at the markets the same way again.

Below, Michael blows the lid off one of the biggest lies on Wall Street. Not only that, but he shows you how to make some of the biggest gains you’ll ever see, precisely when Wall Street says it’s impossible. His proven strategy shows beyond doubt that smart investors can make money in any market, including this one. Read on


Addison Wiggin
for The Daily Reckoning

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