Debt and Deficit Recent Articles

To Die and Let Live

Addison Wiggin

Addison Wiggin discusses the importance of “creative destruction” and why modern civilization, especially in capitalist societies, is determined to ignore it.

Deflation and Disruption

James Rickards

The Fed can't tolerate deflation because it increases the real value of debt and jeopardizes the banks. Will the Fed be forced to return to its inflation tool kit of quantitative easing and currency wars? Jim Rickards explains all this and more...

Remember When… We Called the Florida Property Slump?

Genevieve Lefranc

Curious about our past financial analyses? Want to see if we really know what we're talking about? If so, check out our daily reckonings from five years ago to the day. From the Florida property slump and the time when Vietnam consumed 10 times as much gold as China, to advice for investing in Uranium, and more!

Everything You Need To Know About Debt

Genevieve Lefranc

For the majority of Americans, debt has gotten seriously out of hand. Debt has morphed from the measure by which consumers contribute to our economy, to a global contagion that threatens to alter the current balance of the financial world.

Extra!The Relevance of Say’s Law

Alasdair Macleod

Say's Law fell out of favor among economists with the rise of Keynes. But if it still holds true, we can at least take comfort that there is economic life after monetary death.

Extra!What the Ice Cream Scooper Told Me in Venice

Michael Lombardi

I’m blessed to be able to travel to Europe once or twice a year. I use the trips as an opportunity to see how the economies are faring over there. And I can tell you this first-hand: the economic situation in Europe is much worse than what we’re hearing from the mainstream media in the U.S. economy.