Worse Than China and Brazil: How US Income Disparity Leads to Civil Unrest

President Carter’s former National Security Advisor, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, was interviewed last week on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. He discussed the US’ continuing economic descent and his expectation of civil unrest.

In the video clip, which is featured below, Brzezinski explains that the increasing US income disparity would be more acceptable to the nation’s growing lower-income segment if the economy were continuing to grow. However, because the economy is stagnant, and coupled with high unemployment, social problems are practically inevitable. In the short run, he describes the sense of injustice as demoralizing, but, in the long run, he expects the strife to become more severe, with the potential to lead to extremism and outright class conflict.

One of the most noteworthy comments Brzezinski makes is that the US – formerly the “land of opportunity” – is now a land of drastic social inequality, and, in his opinion, the worst offender in the world… worse than both China and Brazil.

You can hear more details on why he expects the US to slid into a society of intensified social conflict and  radicalism in the clip below on US middle class unrest, which came to our attention via Infowars.com.

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