World's Gold Supply Fits In Average Four Bedroom House

I spoke with Bobby Kerr on Newstalk’s “Down to Business” to discuss a range of aspects pertaining to gold supply and the gold market. In the interview, some of the ideas covered included:

  • Gold is extremely rare and all gold ever mined would fit in giant bar the size of a four bedroom house
  • Gold is a tangible asset which always retains value – unlike paper assets
  • Growing Chinese, Indian and Asian middle class provide “fundamental pillar of support” to gold
  • Jewelry is not a suitable vehicle for gold investment due to high mark-ups and VAT
  • “Something romantic about gold” and a “premium product” said Bobby Kerr
  • Risk of further weakness in short term but buying opportunity presenting itself
  • History and academic research shows gold a “hedging instrument” and safe haven asset

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Mark O’Byrne
for TheDaily Reckoning

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