Why You Should Remember the Fifth of November

As soon as the noose settled around his neck, Guy Fawkes broke free from the hangman and jumped off the scaffolding — guaranteeing a quick drop with a stop sharp enough to break his neck cleanly…

It seems like an odd result for a man to be in such a hurry to get to, at least until you consider the alternative. In a way, it’s an early example of government not being able to get anything right. Not even a hanging…

You see, Guy had just watched his fellow English-Catholic conspirators hanged until nearly dead. Then they were cut down. Their most private parts and entrails were removed and burned before their eyes. Then they were beheaded.

This all happened to Guy Fawkes, too…except wily Guy made sure he was too dead to notice. So what offense warranted this extreme torture and dismemberment?

Guy and his co-conspirators felt that the crown made life miserable for the Catholic minority in England. In truth, the crown was doing exactly that.

So on the 5th of November, they planned to ignite the dozens of barrels of gunpowder they’d packed under Parliament. Their plan was to blow up the king.

The conspiracy was uncovered and thwarted. Torture, confessions and painful executions followed. This was the end of the now-famous Gunpowder Plot.

For centuries afterward, Londoners have organized a curious bonfire on the Nov. 5th anniversary of Guy’s bust. They even gave it a catchy phrase…

“Remember, remember the fifth of November,” they chant.

We say “curious,” because it seemed that half the chanters hated Guy… while the other celebrated his rebellious spirit.

The “Gunpowder” part of our name comes from the Guy Fawkes story. The “Whiskey” comes from the 1794 rebellion in western Pennsylvania, when residents protested new whiskey taxes imposed by Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton.

Hamilton had raised taxes in an effort to pay off the national debt. Sound familiar?

I guess you can say Whiskey & Gunpowder welcomes the idea of rebellion.

We believe it’s not only our right, but our duty to fight back when a select few try to tell the rest of us how to live our lives.

Frankly, folks in Washington, D.C., are more concerned about sucking as much as they can from the system before the whole thing collapses.

They’re more concerned about bailing out fellow friends and CEOs than they are about creating a friendly environment for entrepreneurs to thrive.

Take our currency, the U.S. dollar, for example…

It’s been nearly 40 years now since the dollar had even the slightest connection to gold.

Our money is backed by nothing but empty promises. The government holds the power to print itself out of any problem.

That “power” the government holds has corrupted the system. Banks and well-connected businesses know they are very likely to be backstopped by the feds.

So they can still pocket the profits… while you and I shoulder the risks of their bad decisions.

Or take interest rates…

In an effort to create more liquidity — and, subsequently, higher profits for banks as they pay less interest to depositors – the Feds pushed interest rates to historic lows.

Their perverted economic policies encourage Americans to SPEND, rather than SAVE, their money.

Back in Guy Fawkes’ day, the government was punishing Catholics. Nowadays, it’s not about religion.

It’s about the government telling us what we should and shouldn’t eat… forcing us to wear seat belts and helmets for nearly everything… and, most importantly, for punishing the hardworking savers and entrepreneurs that create growth.

In short, it’s the idea people and middle class that are getting squeezed. Actually, hanged is more like it.

Think about it: It’s not the bankers and politicians that’ll be most affected when this economic s%$t hits the fan. They’ll likely have their backdoor deals and bailouts. There’s little you or I can do to stop this.

The poor won’t be affected, either. That’s because they haven’t saved anything that the government can destroy. They don’t have anything to lose. Instead, they’re kept happy, oblivious and complacent with food stamps and social welfare programs. It’s the middle class that will feel the most pain.

The people who’ve worked hard… tried to play the game honestly… saved… and invested wisely.

The people who are frustrated by rising prices… who are now pushed into risking money in the stock market in order to try to gain a decent retirement income.

That’s why, for the first time ever, we’re asking you to band together to celebrate our own fifth November…

How You Can “Remember, Remember the Fifth of November”

This Nov. 5, we’re organizing our own Guy Fawkes event.

Don’t worry…we’re not organizing a protest…we’re not aligning ourselves with the Occupy movement to “quit the banks”…and we’re NOT suggesting violence in any way.

And we’re not suggesting you stock up on gunpowder, like our friend Guy did.

Instead, we want to organize a mass rejection of the U.S. dollar as our currency of choice by ditching the dollar!

That’s right. It’s time to tell Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner and the Wall Street banks that the fiat dollar experiment — which has sucked wealth away from every American family — has failed!

We want to prove that we as a nation won’t stand for reckless spending… out-of-control money printing… and the threat of future taxation.

So I’m asking you to band together to show the government that we’re “opting out” of this failed U.S. dollar experiment.

In its place, we demand a currency that cannot just be “printed” at the whims of a small group of men with ulterior motives.

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Gary Gibson

The Daily Reckoning