A Treasure Chest of "Secret" Buy Signals

“How many people know about this website, Paul?” asked our publisher, Joe Schriefer, asked me recently.

“I can’t tell you the exact number, Joe, but I believe it’s a very small group of people. And some of them know about it only because of me.”

“Wow,” he said, after I ran him through the buy signals it’s giving us, listed by date.

“You mean you can really use this information to make big money… like clockwork?” he asked.

“Yes, this website is one of the reasons I’ve been able to generate the huge returns that I’ve told you about before.”

“This is incredible,” he said. “You must tell readers about this.”

“You know what — you’re right,” I shot back.

So today, I’m spilling the beans…

What is this website? And why is it so valuable that I call it a “Treasure Chest of Secret Buy Signals”? And how can it help make you rich?

As the editor of the premier independent biotech FDA Trader research service, with 15-plus years as an elite biotech stock analyst… and as someone who’s managed a $5 billion hedge fund… I know things that even other biotech experts don’t know. And for a long time, I’ve been using this mysterious offshore website to make huge profits for investors.

I’ll tell you the name of this mysterious website in a second… but first, let me tell you why it’s so special.

You see, this offshore website lists “secret buy signals” that hold the key to great riches. These buy signals come straight from our own Food and Drug Administration, or FDA. In case you don’t know, the FDA is the arm of the government that regulates what drugs can be sold in the United States.

(Doesn’t it say a lot about our system that we have to go to an offshore source to score this information from our own government?)

And these “secret buy signals” have a special code name. They’re called PDUFA dates. PDUFA stands for the Prescription Drug User Fee Act. And we call the day the FDA releases its verdict on a drug a “PDUFA day.”

Simply put, this is the date set by law when the FDA must announce if it’s going to approve a drug — or reject it. And that’s why the PDUFA day could also be considered a “judgment day” — the day the FDA plays God and gives the verdict on whether or not it’s going to approve a company’s drug.

As you can imagine, getting a drug approved is a huge deal. Why? Because getting a drug approved allows the company that developed it to sell it in the United States. And getting its drug approved means the company’s stock can take off — like a rocket ship.

For example, on March 26, 2014, Avanir Pharmaceuticals gave a secret buy signal. If you bought Avanir on this date, you’d have pocketed gains of 247% by September. On Jan. 11, 2014, BioDelivery Sciences gave another secret buy signal. If you bought on this date, you’d have had a gain of 193% by September. I think you can see how powerful these secret buy signals can be.

So here’s the secret…

If you know the PDUFA dates listed on the mysterious offshore website… you can make a bloody fortune…

So what’s the identity of this secret offshore website?

It’s called biopharmcatalyst.com.

And it’s so little known… it’s operated out of the other side of the world — in New Zealand.

But you see, even though this website is available to anyone, you’d be a fool to simply invest in every stock it lists. You can’t just buy a stock on the catalyst date and hope to make money. That’s the way to go broke. And even knowing the PDUFA date isn’t enough. It’s essential — but not enough.

That’s because only a top biotech stock analyst with years of experience could possibly decode the raw information this website provides. There’s simply no way someone without that specialized knowledge could figure out which stocks to buy just looking at the data.

But in the right hands, the information on this website is a treasure chest of priceless information. It holds the secret buy signals that could make you a fortune on biotech stocks. And only a handful of industry experts have the key to the chest.

Believe me, I’m not trying to brag here — I can’t stand people who do — but the simple fact is that I’m one of those with the necessary expertise to pull it off. I’ve proven it for 15 years. That’s how I made annualized returns of 45% per year and a cumulative return of 535% between 2008-2013 in my personal accounts. This is extraordinary performance over a long period of time.

And I’m nowhere near finished picking winners here. Keep your eyes on this space for more information as it comes.


Paul Mampilly
for The Daily Reckoning

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