There's No Place Like Gold

I was captivated by the Wall Street Journal headline “Bearish Big Investors Catch Gold Bug” by Gregory Zuckerman, because I don’t ever expect to see anything favorable about gold in the WSJ since it is concerned primarily with providing information and news about stocks and bonds so that you will be motivated to constantly buy and sell stocks and bonds.

So I was surprised to read where it starts out with, “Large investors, including some who anticipated deep troubles for the housing and financial sectors, have been buying gold, concerned that moves by governments world-wide to shovel money at problem areas could cripple leading currencies.”

This is exactly true! That is exactly why I am buying gold, and why smart people are buying gold and why large investors are buying gold!

Well, since the WSJ is traditionally concerned with stocks and bonds and so is historically unconcerned and disdainful of gold, I figure that Mr. Zuckerman will follow that “gold bug” news with some disparaging remark like “which only proves how stupid large investors are, since everyone knows that gold is for morons and raving lunatics like, for instance, The Mogambo, who is forever wailing about how you should be buying gold, silver and oil with your very waking breath because the Federal Reserve, which caused all of the world’s problems by their decades-old regimen of constantly over-creating money and credit which produced massive inflations in the prices of stocks, bonds, houses and size of government, is now going to make the money supply go Freaking Super-Nova (FSN) with even MORE excess creation of money and credit to accommodate the panicky, unbelievable, desperate deficit-spending plans measured in the multi-trillions of dollars by the incompetent, brain-damaged Congress and the ridiculous Obama administration comprising, as it does, the worst of the worst, and that means consumer prices are going to explode one day – say people like The Mogambo, within a year or so, and for a long, long time afterward, too.”

Although Mr, Zuckerman does not mention me directly, he says, “For years, big gold fans were fast-moving traders and so-called gold bugs, a crowd of bears ever-convinced that the underpinnings of global economies and markets were set to crumble” which not only describes me to a freaking T, but is exactly what happened!

He also describes me pretty well, too, when he says, “Gold has disappointed some investors because it hasn’t been a home-run investment despite continuing financial ills” which is also the fault of the Federal Reserve, which is on record as saying that “the Fed stands ready” to dump as much gold onto the market as is needed to keep its price from rising.

And the reason they are openly manipulating the price of gold, which is the advice of former Fed chairman Paul Volcker, is because they are concerned about the price of gold rising, which is a clear signal that inflation is raging because the Fed is a bunch of money-maddened morons and the economy is in Big Freaking Inflationary Trouble (BFIT) because of them and their mismanagement of monetary policy with their ridiculous neo-Keynesian econometric stupidities! Hahahaha!

And it is going to get worse, as Junior Mogambo Ranger (JMR) Wayne T. sent a clip from that announced that “Barack Obama’s top economic adviser has urged world leaders to pump more public money into the economy in a coordinated effort to boost demand and lift the world out of recession.”

And how are we going to do this amazing feat? By engineering a “global demand-led recovery” where everybody starts buying! Buying! Buying!

And in fact, Laughable Larry Summers thinks, “There’s no place that should be reducing its contribution to global demand right now. It is really the universal demand agenda.”

I cannot believe what I am reading! Perhaps in a feeble attempt to make me shut up my screaming in outrage at the inflation in prices that such irresponsible economic stupidity will cause, he does allow that, as terms it, “While the US and other western nations should return to living within their means in the medium term, everyone should raise spending sharply now.” Hahaha! Unbelievable!

And why in the hell would anyone in their right mind say such a bizarre thing that is directly contraindicated by the entire stinking corpus of world economic history for the last 4,500 years which proves that, 100% percent of the time, increasing the money supply of a fiat currency with government deficit-spending has been what we in the economics biz officially call a Big, Big, Bad, Bad, Bankrupting Bust (BBBBBB).

Well, don’t look at me for an answer as to why someone would say such a ridiculous thing and make us laugh with scorn and contempt, but, “In an interview with the Financial Times, Lawrence Summers said the urgent need for a short-term increase in spending by governments temporarily overrode the longer-term goal of tackling the global imbalances many economists believe caused the financial crisis.” Hahahaha!

“Temporarily overrode”! Hahaha! This is the economics of Larry Summers? Hahahaha! No wonder he wound up in the Obama administration! Hahaha! No wonder we are so freaking doomed!

I am struggling to contain my laughter, as I want to make sure that I write this down because people in the future are not going to be satisfied with me merely recalling the moment and laughing and guffawing all over again, but probably drooling more than I do now.

So I officially make note that Larry Summers, “Barack Obama’s top economic adviser” thinks that things will be better by having the government spend more money! Hahahaha!

This is after, I assume, getting it from the Federal Reserve, which can merely push a button to create all the money and credit one can even imagine, at perpetually low interest rates, so that untold trillions of dollars of new money can be borrowed from banks so that untold trillions of dollars in new Treasury bonds can be bought, worsening horrific imbalances that are already so staggering that they could only have been produced during rampant government corruption and/or pandemic stupidity! Hahaha!

I knew I could not get into the interview itself, and, as usual, am stopped long before I can even get near, although sometimes I can break free of the grasp of security guards long enough so that you can barely hear me in the background yelling, “We’re freaking doomed, you morons! The damned increase in the money supply by government deficit-spending will increase prices and produce Really, Really Weird (RRW) economic distortions!”

Well, this is not one of those times, and I couldn’t hear a thing they were saying, and thus they could not hear me, and I had to read in the Financial Times article that Mr. Summers says, in another of those things that must be written down because nobody is going to believe it, that “The US administration had no choice but to take strong public action to ‘save the market system from its own excesses.’” Hahahaha!

“Save the system from its own excesses” with more excesses! Hahahaha!

But this is not about how much disrespect I have for Mr. Summers’ opinion (because, as Milton Berle said, “Never trust the opinion of a man in trouble” as to the necessity of more governmental deficit-spending to correct the bankrupting imbalances of previous governmental deficit-spending until fully half – half! – of the economy is now composed of local, state and federal government spending, which is not even to mention all the borrowing by the local and state governments floating bonds to pay for sewers and fire houses and playgrounds where most of the “children” are probably drug-addled adolescent criminals and brain-damaged mutants, judging by the way they look, dress and act.

No, this is about how you should buy gold; but perhaps the best reason to buy gold is provided by Mr. Zuckerman himself, who says, “Since 1971, the dollar has been backed not by gold but by faith in the U.S. government”! Hahaha! Faith in the U.S. government! Hahahaha!

If anybody has any faith whatsoever in the U.S. government, then they have not been paying attention and deserve to lose their money, as the price of freedom, they say, is eternal vigilance, but that is not exactly true. It looks like the saying should be “The price of freedom is either eternal vigilance or all your money.”

The good news is that the real, lazy man’s secret is that gold is “eternal vigilance” in a handy, compact yellow metal, and sometimes, like now, you will actually get richer in terms of fiat money due to the depreciation of the over-produced fiat money!

Whee! This investing stuff is easy!

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