The Only Worthy Van Jones Takeaway

A single unpaid blogger, not the mainstream media, was responsible for Van Jones’ resignation. A blogger who goes by the name of Gateway Pundit discovered that Jones had signed a petition that, in essence, accused the Bush administration of either perpetrating or willingly failing to prevent the Sept. 11 terror attacks. It was the final straw.

During the long noisy buildup to Van Jones’ involuntary resignation, not one word about the controversy appeared in the paper pages of The New York Times and many other MSM outlets. Only now are those who depend on these old media outlets even hearing Jones’ name; and it is often in stories that infer that he was somehow smeared.

It is a remarkable state of affairs when important news and objective fact are being discovered and reported by a lone individual using nothing but his computer and an Internet connection. Meanwhile, old media are losing money and firing reporters daily.

This is the power of technology. We will continue to see this sort of disruption across the board, but this specific lesson concerns old media. Few of these old media institutions are capable of adapting…

When we finally emerge from this government-created fiasco, it will be a far better and more profitable world. As old institutions crumble, new ones will be born, and we’ll invest in the best of them.

The Daily Reckoning