The New $1,000 Bill Disintegrates in Warm Water

The Japanese are showing extraordinary insight into the minds of the American economic leadership. Recognizing the US’ insatiable appetite for asset bubbles of all stripes, the Japan-based toy company Bandai has introduced a true to form Ben Franklin “bubble” currency based on the $100 bill.

According to Bloomberg:

“The 18th-century American statesman is perhaps best-known in Asia for gracing the front of the $100 bill. Asians used to worry about counterfeit ‘Benjamins.’ Now, they’re frightened of the real thing. Since January 2008, 25 percent of the dollar’s value has melted away versus the yen. Time for a redenomination? Japanese toymaker Bandai certainly thinks so.

“This week it unveiled ‘Bubbly Bubble Bath’ dollar soap. It’s a paper-thin replica of the $100. Only, this one is a $1,000 bill. Just so the most gullible among us aren’t fooled, it features a winking Franklin — as if he’s in on the joke.”

Ah… now if it could only be used to wash the nation clean of its fiscal sins. See the full story from Bloomberg in its article on why the Franklin is now worth $1,000.

The Daily Reckoning