The Daily Reckoning Weekend Edition

October 21-22, 2000

Paris, France

By Addison Wiggin

MARKET REVIEW: “Bargain Hunters” Deliver Investors A
Peaceful Weekend In The Autumn of Anxiety

Early in the week it looked like Mr. Bear was going to
have his way with Goldilocks… and anyone else that
happened by in the forest.

But the crime never took shape… in fact, for the first
time since the Autumn of Anxiety began on Labor Day –
seven weeks ago – the major indexes assembled back-to-back

Putting the lid on a tumultuous week that saw a 433-point
intra-day low on Wednesday, the Dow closed up 83 on Friday
at 10,226. Combined with Thursday’s gains the index
claimed 34 points of higher ground for the week.

The Nasdaq dallied up 64 on Friday to 3483, also giving
the high-tech investors a mid-autumn respite – and a boost
of 166 for the week. The S&P 500 closed 8 higher at 1396,
a weekly gain of 22. Benign CPI numbers released this week
barely registered a response from the chattering
classes… or the market.

Overseas markets echoed the US’ positive closes, Japan’s
Nikkei got a 2.62% boost. Britain’s FT-SE 100 rose 0.92%,
and France’s CAC-40 rose 1.37%. Alhtough, Germany’s DAX
index dropped slightly: 0.16%.

The Russell 2000 closed up 7 for the week to 487, the
Wilshire Smallcap rose 20… capping off the week at 817.

PRICES For The Week…

Gold: $272 down $6

Crude Oil: $33.75 down $1.24

Natural Gas: $4.93 down $.60

Platinum: $584 up $8

Palladium: $760 down $.60

CRB Index: 226 down 4

Dollar Index: 117 up 2

Yen: $.009 (yawn)

The sad, sad Euro: $.84 down a cent

British Pound: $1.45 up a penny

MARKET COMMENTS: The Month Of Truth… And Strong
Defensive Plays…

“October is always the month for truth. During the awful
earnings news, Sara Lee led the charge back uphill. Not
really surprising since food and beverage stocks are
classic defensive plays and Sara Lee was badly oversold.
We got in for a song. We’ve already had a huge run-up with
defense contractor Northrop Grumman and seen the nation’s
#1 home builder Centex set new highs. That’s what a strong
defensive portfolio can do for you in a tough, volatile

What’s more, we’re proving that we can beat the Nasdaq and
the Dow in the bad times. And in good times, all boats
rise…everybody thinks he’s having fun in a bull market.”

Lynn Carpenter,

Fleet Street Letter

AMEX Oil Index, Canadian TSE Enjoying Proceeds From Mid-
East Turmoil…

“The collapse of the Mid East peace talks underscores US
impotence in the region, and raises the specter that the
US economy is subject to forces are beyond the control of
the Federal Reserve. All of which creates an immense
amount of uncertainty in the economy and in the stock and
bond markets. And while this is generally bad for the
equity markets, certain sectors will benefit. For example
the American Stock Exchange Oil Index (XOI) stands at 534,
up 8.80 on Friday and up 114 points (more than 20%) since
last March. The Canadian TSE oil index also rose on
Friday, climbing 92 points to 7820. Unless events in the
Middle East come under control, both these energy indexes
will continue to climb.”

John Myers,

Outstanding Investments

HOT STOCK PICK OF THE WEEK: Junior Oil on the Rise

“Good news also for KeyWest Energy, the junior oil company
we strongly recommended in Outstanding Investments.
KeyWest has been moving solidly forward, moving from
C$1.15 just two months ago to a close of C$1.50 yesterday.
This is definitely the kind of performance that attracts
attention from investors.

Third quarter results and strong energy prices have
allowed KeyWest to upgrade its forecasts for 2000 and
2001. Production grew from 857 barrels of oil equivalent
per day (boepd) in 3Q ’99 to 2,206 boepd in the third
quarter of this year – an increase of 157%.

The company now estimates cash flow for 2000 at $16.7
million ($0.35 per share), with earnings of $6.2 million
($0.13 per share). For the year 2001, KWE projects cash
flow of $21 million ($0.43 per share).

Revenue is estimated at $8 million ($0.16 per share)
compared to KWE reported earnings in 1999 of less than $2
million ($0.05 per share). KeyWest has absolutely no long-
term debt.”

John Myers,

Outstanding Investments


– A letter from Sally Stuthers begging you to help dot.coms
in need, borrowed without permission from Satire

Share Your Love with an Internet Company in Need; Become a

“Hello there,

Right now, all over the world, dot-coms are hurting. They
are suffering from faulty business plans and cash-flow
shortfalls. They lack earnings and even the most basic of
revenue models. In many countries, 4 out of 5 dot-coms will
die within the next two years.

All that is needed is someone who will look into the eyes
of a needy dot-com and say, ‘Yes, I will help.’

Someone like you.

With each passing day, dot-coms are finding it increasingly
difficult to stay alive. Cut off from further venture
funding or bank credit, without access to sufficient
revenues, many are forced to make choices about which
essentials they can afford: salaries or benefits, marketing
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one should have to make. Despair takes the place of hope.

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As a dot-com sponsor, you become a partner in bringing
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Your tax-deductible contribution can be sent directly to
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Imagine the excitement when we tell a special dot-com that
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Please. There are so many precious dot-coms waiting to be
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Sally Struthers

Have a fine autumnal weekend,

Addison Wiggin

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FIN DE BUBBLE – This is the term we use to describe the
spirit of our age. We live in a world which is waiting for
something to happen. In the meantime, people are all very
optimistic about the future – especially the financial
future. Like people during the “fin de siecle” period of
the Gay ’90s and pre-WWI, they are impressed by
technological progress and see few clouds on the horizon.
WWI ended the “fin de siecle” sentiment. What Archduke
waits to be assassinated so our fin de Bubble can be
entered in the history books?

The Daily Reckoning