The Children Praise Der Obama with Song

What is sweeter to parents than the sound of their children singing?  Perhaps the sight of a happy, excited child engaging in activities with his or her little chums…or seeing a children’s choir dressed in pristine matching tee shirts, a simple start on uniforms…

I saw such a sight tonight.  The children were enthusiastic, exalted by the joyous music, signing vigorously as their teacher bounced around like Nancy Pelosi behind Obama during his recent speech…and that is precisely where the ugliness enters into this otherwise pretty picture, for the songs were all in praise of the Leader, the Obama who will change us, the Obama who brings hope.

"We can do it, can do it, can do it, can do it!" they half chanted, half sang, in rising crescendo.  "We’re going to change the world," a starry-eyed moppet crooned plaintively in a minor key.  The backdrop was Obama’s signature Rising Sun emblem, and you may view the performance here .

There was a time children sang praises to the leader.  They did so in German.  They sang that Der Fuehrer would lead them to hope, change, renewed prosperity, and a greater role in world affairs.  Der Fuehrer would punish the wicked bankers and the evil Jews.  Der Fuehrer would restore the ubermenschen to their proper place…and so he did, for a time, at a cost we all know well.  "Zu befehls!" and "Heil Hitler!" were on all lips that did not wish a gun butt smashed across them.  Unsere Feuhrer has already said that he wants a Youth Corps.  Will they be dressed in brown shirts or stay in white ones emblazoned "HOPE" and "CHANGE" in U.N. blue?

"And a little child shall lead them"…joined by multitudes of little children and not so little children.  Will they be taught to inform on their parents?  Taught to sneer at those with different beliefs?  Taught to detest, revile, and strike out at those who utter forbidden words or question the wisdom of their leader?  They were last time.

For years the left wing has taught our children to despise "old, dead white men" and to accept all behavior that flies in the face of what their parents taught–when they were taught any sort of ethics or principles at home.  The government increases its access to our young during their formative years constantly; home schooling is under attack despite the preponderance of the top SAT scores coming from home-schooled kids.  Jocelyn Elders hoped to teach kindergarteners to masturbate; schools now encourage youth to experiment with different sexual orientations before deciding whether they are gay, straight, or ambi.  New terms have crept into the lexicon, "homophobic," and "hate speech."  "Merry Christmas" is considered an offense against man, for there is no God, such say, no right or wrong, nothing to be learned from the past.

"Change for the sake of change" is set above customs that have guided the affairs of men right for centuries.  There are no lessons the past can teach us, they say, for all except they have sinned and fallen short of the glory of…no, there was no glory, only wickedness, prejudice, oppression, selfishness, and callous disregard for our fellow citizens and the sacred planet which we are purported to be destroying.   "Diversity," not e pluribus unum.

These are not the beliefs we want our children inculcated with.  We teach the basic rules for success:  learn to read well, get the best education you can whether that be college or a trade, get married and stay married, save for the future, and become happy, successful, competent, well-mannered adults who can think for themselves, read Whiskey & Gunpowder, and buy gold…and teach our grandchildren the same splendid lessons we taught them.   Much of the fault is ours, for we think "political correctness" is funny.  We were so astounded by bizarre laws and court decisions that we kept shaking our heads, thinking such things could not be, far less continue.

We were wrong.

"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness," Ginsberg wrote in an entirely different context.  We saw the best tenets of the past ripped asunder in the quest for bigger and more powerful government, tearing down all that had made America great.

We must rectify our mistakes lest James Howard Kunstler’s vision becomes reality.  Stock metal, commodities, and fuel because you may need them soon.

Just in case, don’t tell the children where you have hidden them.

Linda Traynham

March 16, 2009

The Daily Reckoning