Stop Making Trouble!

If you think about it at all, can you come up with any good reasons why our country has involved itself in the Ukraine war? To defend democracy, many say? An emptier platitude does not exist in the vast slippery lexicon of spin.

To thwart Russia’s imperial overreach? You apparently have no clue about Ukraine’s history, ancient or modern. To incite an overthrow of the wicked Putin by his own people? The Russian president is more popular there now than even John F. Kennedy was here in 1962.

Oh, I know, I’m just parroting Russian propaganda by saying that. Isn’t that what they always say when you confront them with an uncomfortable truth about the war in Ukraine?

Meanwhile, Western “intelligence” sources and their mainstream media mouthpieces have been saying for about a year now that Russia was running out of ammunition. Well, they still have plenty of it, as the Ukrainians can painfully attest.

It’s actually the Ukrainians who are running out of ammo, which is why the U.S. and its NATO allies are looking under the couch cushions for any spare ammo they can find to send them.

Two Reasons, Both Bad

There actually are no good reasons for what we are doing in Ukraine, only bad reasons. Mainly, stoking the war there diverts Americans’ attention from our own problems, which is to say the titanic failures of America’s political establishment.

The USA is falling apart from a combination of mismanagement, malice and negligence.

Our economy is a tottering scaffold of Ponzi schemes. Our institutions are wrecked. The government lies about everything it does. The news industry ratifies all the lying. Our schoolchildren can’t read or add up a column of numbers. Our food is slow-acting poison. Our medical-pharma matrix has just completed the systematic murder and maiming of millions. Our culture has been reduced to a drag queen twerk-fest. Our once-beautiful New World landscape is a demolition derby.

Name something that hasn’t been debauched, perverted, degenerated or flat-out destroyed.

And so the “Joe Biden” show is busy ginning up nuclear war hysteria because that’s all it has left for manipulating public emotion. The COVID-19 derangement lost its mojo in 2022 and the population has only just begun to grok the all-causes death disaster underway courtesy of Pfizer and Moderna (and the CDC with the FDA).

Do It for the Children

Did you notice, by the way, that the CDC just added those unapproved, still-experimental shots to the childhood vaccine schedule, considered official “guidance” that is followed by virtually every school system in America. Rochelle Walensky did that despite massive evidence that the “vaccines” damage children’s hearts, nervous systems, reproductive systems and immune systems.

Do you know why Ms. Walensky did that? Because adding the mRNA shots to the childhood schedule supposedly confers permanent immunity from legal liability for the drug companies, even after the current emergency use authorization (EUA) runs out.

The catch to that cozy arrangement is if there is any fraud committed on the public in the release and administration of those products, the companies lose their immunity and can be sued until there is nothing left of them but the paper clips. Plus, the executives may be liable for criminal prosecution. Hard time.

One Brook Jackson, a technician involved in the sketchy Pfizer drug trials, and who directly witnessed the procedural violations as they occurred, is currently suing Pfizer under the False Claims Act (31 U.S. Code § 3729) saying that the company defrauded the government.

Pfizer’s lawyers have asked the judge to dismiss the case on the grounds, they said in court, that “We did not defraud the government. We delivered the fraud that the government ordered.”  So now millions of schoolchildren in this land will be subject to compulsory harmful mRNA shots in order to cover the Pharma companies’ multibillion-dollar rear ends. Doesn’t that sum up our national predicament nicely? Way to go, Rochelle. Don’t think nobody noticed.

Something to Ponder

It’s also worth pondering whether we are neck-deep in the Ukraine morass because Volodymyr Zelensky is blackmailing “Joe Biden” over the mysterious Biden family business operations that took place there directly following the U.S.-orchestrated Maidan revolution that overthrew Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014.

Remember “The Big Guy’s” earnest efforts to get rid of the Ukrainian state prosecutor who was looking into the affairs of the Burisma gas company that invited Hunter Biden and his associate Devon Archer onto the board of directors?

Of all people in Western Civ… these two Americans… with no knowledge of or experience in the natgas industry. Weird, a little bit. Do you suppose Mr. Zelenskyy still has the prosecutor’s files in his possession?

I’m just throwing that out there. I have no idea, but it’s good to think outside the proverbial box. The mainstream media certainly don’t.

Complete Media Silence

Then, of course, there is the bizarre matter of the Nord Stream pipelines caper, lately disclosed by the scrupulous reporter Seymour Hersh as a U.S. naval operation. We blew them up. Four EU member nations (also U.S. NATO allies) held a combined half-ownership in the pipelines (the other half held by Russia).

European industry and households depended on a steady supply of that reasonably priced gas to continue modern life there. Both President “Joe Biden” and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland promised the news media (and the American public) that the pipeline would “be no more” if a Russian military operation crossed into the Donbas.

Well, sonofagun, the pipelines were “no more” as of last September. Of course, the mainstream media have completely ignored this story. If that doesn’t tell you about the state of modern journalism, I don’t know what will.

Was that an injury to Russia? Well, yes, though Russia has found workarounds for selling its natgas elsewhere than northern Europe. Do you realize, though, that it was every bit as much an act of war against our supposed allies?

None of the NATO countries with a stake in the North Streams have made a peep so far about the shocking disclosure. Which may lead a casual observer to ask whether Western Civ has gone plumb insane. Maybe so, in which case perhaps it deserves to suffer.

After a while — not such a long while, either — modern life will be but a memory in northern Europe.

No More NATO?

Somehow the specter of unintended consequences looms over all this mischief. My guess is we just haven’t seen them yet… and when we do, they will be ferocious. For starters, NATO will be another thing that is no more.

And our country will have to go about our blustering war-hawkery without any back-up or convenient staging areas for fomenting more shenanigans in a faraway region where we have no real national interest, just a certain zeal for creating unnecessary trouble and hardship in a world that already has more than it requires.

Remember what his old boss, Barack Obama, said about the former veep: “You can never overstate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.” What a prophet that man is!

Under “Joe Biden,” the USA has been slip-sliding sideways and backwards into a realm of darkness unimaginable a few years ago. And he’s had plenty of help from establishment Republicans, so this isn’t an entirely partisan affair.

But now, something is heaving through the public sensibility, as spring marches north in America. It feels like a sharp change in attitude, a refusal to continue acting like a reality-optional society. It’s crackling through the air like a rumor of liberation in a hostage crisis.

Can you hear it?

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