Slideshow: 11 Ways to Invest in Gold

With gold at about $1,060 an ounce, and numerous forecasts of much higher prices, it logically follows that investors would consider a wide variety of avenues for claiming a stake.

Of course the options range from buying gold bling to speculative gold-related alternative investments, and today, The Money Game picks 11 top strategies worth reviewing and shows them in a convenient slideshow. The options include…

1. Enter As A Newbie With Gold Jewelry
2. Gold Coins
3. Cash4Gold
4. Gold ETFs
5. Gold Mining Companies
6. Paper Gold
7. Gold Futures
8. Gold Bars
9. Gold Stored Remotely
10. Gold Traded In Far-Flung Markets
11. Gold-Plated Firearms

Visit The Money Game for more details on 11 ways to get into gold in a picture slideshow.

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