Sham sovereignty

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice proved conclusively this morning that the "sovereignty" Iraq has supposedly enjoyed since mid-2004 is a sham and the country remains a vassal of the U.S empire.

During her testimony before Congress, she declared Iraq's government is "on borrowed time, not just in terms of the American people but in terms of the Iraqi people."

There are two leaps of logic here.  First, if Iraq is a sovereign nation, the American people's opinion (and let's be honest here, she doesn't mean the American people, she means the political elite) should be irrelevant.  As it is, though, she's declaring that Iraq is yet again ripe for regime change.  (If at first you don't succeed…)

The second leap of logic is that the U.S. government cares one whit what the Iraqi people think.  If it did, the troops would already be home.

The Daily Reckoning