Saving America from Corporate-Statism

As America sinks deeper into the tyranny of bureaucratic corporatism via today’s incestuous relationship between Washington and Wall Street, it is inspiring to see thousands of Tea Parties spring up to express outrage. Unfortunately the “new deal” campaign approach still works as it has been malefically doing for over 70 years since FDR came to visit us. Every election season artful political pitchmen hit the hustings to call for “change” and “more prosperity for the people,” in which millions get swept up.

The promise of change is, of course, a con. Legitimate change from the burden of big government would necessitate a move toward smaller government. But this is not what the statist mentalities have in mind when they preach change. They wield the word “change” as a shrewd angler wields an alluring fly. It’s a deceptive hook that works because much of humanity is always looking to get more out of life than it is willing to put in. Both Democratic and Republican regimes realize this. Consequently both promise the voters more entitlements, more pork, more privileges.

Slouching Toward Gomorrah

Thus the politics of usurpation proceeds as usual. Mendacity and decadence win out. The abomination of government health care is forced upon us. Our borders become more porous with each passing month. Amnesty for 20 million aliens looms over the horizon. Washington’s imperial overreach stretches to 140 countries throughout the world. Our society slouches toward Gomorrah and the death spiral of ancient Rome. Yet incredibly neoconservatives congratulate themselves with annual celebratory dinners paying tribute to their “successful stand against the enemies of freedom and high-minded culture.”

Our schools, our churches, our publishers, and our entertainment industries are being infested with the serpents of Cultural Marxism. Political correctness dominates the herd mentalities and philistines who overwhelm the perceptive and productive at the polls every other November. The ignominious despotism that Tocqueville warned would come from “unbridled democracy” is stealing over our lives like the debilitating paralysis that invades the bodies of the arthritic. Yet our pundits revel in hosannas to their phony “engineered economic recovery” and how the upcoming century will finally bring us that “heaven on earth” that Rousseau, Marx and Keynes so naively promised, and that the huckster economists and social engineers of the West have been trying to stuff down our throats for 100 years now.

This is certainly not the governing philosophy in which Jefferson and the Founders meant for us to engage. Gushing hundreds of billions of tax dollars to slimy Wall Street bankers so they can puff up their bottom lines and appear to be rightful entrepreneurs is an unspeakable outrage; and it is not the way to bring about legitimate economic recovery. If we want a legitimate recovery, we need to let these dinosaurs go the way of Joseph Schumpeter’s “creative destruction” so that real productivity (rather than debt induced stimulation) can come about.

In the cultural arena, giving amnesty to 20 million Central Americans, who have been indoctrinated under socialist / fascist regimes into believing they have a right to cradle to grave security, is hardly the way to restore the American Republic of self-reliance and free enterprise. It is, however, the way to pound the final nails into freedom’s coffin, which is what Obama, Reid and Pelosi understand very clearly.

Allowing our leaders to get away with this kind of political-economic quackery is what the novelist Ayn Rand meant in Atlas Shrugged when she spoke of the “sanction of the victim” being the harbinger of dictatorship. It is what Aldous Huxley meant in Brave New World Revisited when he wrote that a “really efficient totalitarian state” would be comprised of “a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced because they love their servitude.” They have been taught to love it by society’s reigning intellectuals in the schools, the churches, and the media.

Signs of Hope

Yet despite the insidious decadence confronting us at every turn, there are signs of hope, significant signs of an awakening desire to face up to the truth — in other words, to face the root causes of our problems.

The response to the Ron Paul campaign was the first such sign. The Tea Party revolts were the next sign. And now we are beginning to see a few intrepid MSM pundits speak openly about the corporate-statist collusion of Washington and Wall Street and its connection to our economic problems. The reason why this is grounds for optimism is that if ever MSM catches on and begins to venture out from the “politically correct” statist herd, then the jig is up for the corporate-statist authoritarians and their Machiavellian hold over us.

A promising example of the new MSM intrepidity can be found in a recent 12-minute report, The Great Con Job, by Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC. This is a powerful attack upon the banking / bureaucratic con game that has been orchestrated over the past 15-20 years in America. CLICK HERE to view this remarkable video Remove from email version. Ratigan is one of MSM’s more fearless TV journalists. How deeply he grasps the root causes of our political-economic problems I don’t know. It is doubtful that he has connected the dots all the way back through the fraudulency of Keynesian economics and FDR in the 1930s, and then to 1913 where the root causes were laid for America’s destruction with the inception of the Federal Reserve and the progressive income tax. But Ratigan is sharp and amazingly articulate, and he has demonstrated throughout his career that he will not play lackey to the establishment as 90% of his journalistic brethren are doing. This is why I maintain there is room for optimism.

We must remember that the Berlin Wall did finally fall. The monster state of the Soviet Union came crashing down with it — all because the ideological monopoly (which must always precede any political monopoly and dictatorship) became impossible for the communists in the Politburo to maintain. The ideological / political monopoly here in the West is not the same kind as that which plagued the USSR. Ours is voluntarily accepted by the journalistic and political players, rather than coercively enforced through legislation and police suppression. Our submission is more of what Rand and Huxley wrote about 50 years ago. It has been ingrained into us through intellectual sophistry over the decades in the schools and then reinforced by a compliant priesthood and media. Thus it will be more difficult to discredit because it is self-imposed. But unlike the Soviet patriots, we have the Internet which will help immensely.

The Ratigan Report is a very hopeful start toward building that awareness among the intelligentsia that is necessary for statism to be thwarted. Dictatorial government cannot be brought down without such an awareness among the perceptive and independent of the populace. The herd will do as it always has done throughout history — obey its masters. But the rebels, the doers, the dissidents are a breed apart. They will do the right thing once the truth has been shown to them. Then the revolution begins. And I think it has now dawned upon great numbers of American intelligentsia that the Emperor in Washington is naked, and that its rapacious godfather on Wall Street is equally and despicably devoid of legitimacy.

A Grassroots Uprising

This awareness can be built into a major grassroots uprising throughout America. This is what I have written about in The Conservative Revolution: Why We Must Form a Third Political Party to Win It. The oppressive rule of the statist elites cannot maintain itself if we will muster the backbone to stand up to it. But this will take a far more rational approach than the present level of political activism in America. It will take an exposition of the root causes of our despotism, which are the institutions of infamy enacted into law in 1913 — the Federal Reserve and the progressive income tax. But most importantly, it will take an effective third-party political strategy that can circumvent the corporate-statist elites and their control over our two major parties in America.

Such a plan is outlined in The Conservative Revolution, and is the foundation of the newly formed Conservative American Party. It is called the “Two Pillars Strategy.” It is a unique, never before envisioned approach to politics that will go to the root of our problems and bring back sanity to our country. The key to its success will be its genuine reform of our tax and monetary systems. It will lower tax rates to 10% for everyone, simplify tax preparation to 10 minutes every April, neuter the Fed, and reduce inflation to zero. The “Two Pillars” reform plan will bring back millions of jobs from overseas, dramatically restore the productivity of our nation, and because of the way the tax plan is designed, it will stop the growth of the Federal Government cold and begin its automatic reduction.

A second key to the plan’s success will be because of its universal appeal, the “Two Pillars Strategy” will easily get the Conservative American Party 15% in the polls, which will qualify it’s candidate for the National TV Presidential Debates. This will get a vital third voice — a true limited government voice — in front of 70 million voters that can challenge the corruption and obtuseness of our two major parties. This has never been done in the 48-year history of the debates. It will electrify the country.

Conventional pundits scorn the concept of a third-party as “unworkable in America,” but they are oblivious to the two major mistakes of “marginalization” and “cloning” that all third-parties have made for the past 150 years, which when corrected will allow a third-party to succeed. The Two Pillars Strategy corrects these two major mistakes. The Conservative Revolution demonstrates that a third political party (espousing freedom and headed by a candidate with gravitas) can indeed work, and that those who think otherwise are immersed in a fallacious darkness that is greatly contributing to the stultification of America.

Is this all a pipe dream, “delusional rantings of reactionaries that refuse to accept modernity,” as the leftist establishment will surely try to portray it? Not at all. It is a thoroughly researched, powerfully designed, revolutionary plan to take back America starting in 2012 with the two pillars of tax and monetary reform, combined with two additional pillars of immigration and foreign policy reform. Eminent scholars and pundits have endorsed the “Two Pillars Plan.” A 90-minute documentary is presently being made about it by the acclaimed film maker, James Jaeger, of Matrixx Entertainment. It is titled Spoiler: How a Third Political Party Could Succeed. To give the reader an idea of the exciting potential here, Jaeger’s film, Fiat Empire, has been viewed by over 5 million people. If we can get the same numbers for Spoiler, the Demopublican establishment and their destructive grip over America will be ended.

In a front page USA TODAY article, Tuesday, April 20, 2010, Richard Wolf writes that, “The nation’s fastest-growing political party is ‘none of the above’….For the first time since Gallup started asking in 1992, both major parties are viewed unfavorably by most Americans. Nearly four in 10 voters call themselves independents, Gallup says.”

It is from this rising sea of discontented independents (40% of the electorate), combined with fed up Republicans and Democrats (probably another 20%), that the impetus will come for the third-party revolution necessary to save America. All it takes is 35% of the vote to win in a three man race.

If we as citizens want to stop the runaway freight train of debt and delusion that is consuming our myopic politicians in Washington, if we want to stop the suicidal immigration policies and imperialistic militarism that are destroying the last vestiges of the American Republic, then we must challenge the monopoly that corporate-statists have over our politics. We must open up the system by injecting a rational third voice into the process.

Breaking the Monopoly

Democrats and Republicans will not tell the truth to voters; they are bought off by the corporate-statists. Our schools will not tell the truth; they are controlled by the corporate-statists. Our media will not tell the truth; they are owned by the corporate-statists. Only a third political party can break this monopolistic grip. But it has to be a REAL third-party that can garner the necessary 15% in the polls so as to qualify for the National TV Presidential Debates where it can forcefully contest the philosophical fraud and political perfidy of the Demopublicans in front of 70 million viewers. This, the Conservative American Party can do because its revolutionary “Two Pillars Strategy” will circumvent the two flaws that have doomed all conventional third-parties for the past 150 years.

Imagine Ron Paul (representing Constitutional conservatism) and Patrick Buchanan (representing cultural conservatism) — one as Presidential candidate and the other as Vice-President — on a Conservative American Party ticket in 2012. Imagine them confronting the Democratic-Republican monopoly in front of 70 million viewers on nationwide TV during the 2012 Presidential debates. Imagine them giving half-hour lectures on the major TV networks prior to each of the three debates like Ross Perot did in 1992. Imagine a Paul / Buchanan ticket campaigning throughout the heartland. It would inspire conservatives, libertarians, independents, blue dog Democrats, and Tea Parties everywhere. Imagine the potential! They wouldn’t win, but they could launch a true patriot party that could win in the next two election cycles. What’s important is that the restoration of the Republic could begin in 2012. The ground is being laid right now. A passionate book has been written, and a galvanizing film is being shot. The grassroots of our country are being sown for a momentous paradigm shift in American politics. The Conservative American Party is, in the words of Victor Hugo, “an idea whose time has come.”


Nelson Hultberg
Whiskey & Gunpowder

April 23, 2010

The Daily Reckoning