Russia: The RE-Emerging Market

Pop quiz: Guess which BRIC nation paid off the biggest returns in the last ten years. No peaking…

BRIC Index Performance

Russia has a bad rep among its BRIC brethren. It’s politically unstable, GDP there is actually plummeting, it’s fate seems totally dependant on oil and gas revenues and it doesn’t even fit the bill of a real emerging market… more like a wounded superpower stumbling back to economic relevance. But as we begin the process of wrapping up the decade, here’s more proof that, as Rick Rule likes to say, “you’re either a contrarian, or a victim.” Buying into Russia after it’s 1998 default and every dip thereafter – despite all the booing and hissing from the cheap seats — would have made you very, very rich.

Stay tuned in 2010 for more on these nations from our newest service: BRIC by BRIC.

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