Ron Paul on the Danger of Political and Social Upheaval

It could be just the impression of this one lonely editor, but it seems that ever since Dr. Ron Paul announced his focused quest for the presidency he’s been especially fiery in delivering his message. A recent clip shows Dr. Paul directly addressing how a time of failing confidence in the dollar is rapidly approaching and what consequences of that are likely:

  • Dollars will pour into purchasing consumer items, precious metals, and other physical goods that will better hold their value.
  • Consumer prices and interest rates will soar, as the Federal Reserve loses control, inflation worsens, and confidence falls apart.
  • No other paper currencies offer refuge because they are also backed by dollars.

Finally, the most dangerous consequence could arise as the pain of US citizens reaches the kind of fever pitch that results in political and social chaos. The increasingly broke federal government will find itself unable to fund domestic and international commitments, and – with an air of desperation – will instead leverage the issue of social unrest to apply draconian measures under the cover of maintaining law and order.

As Dr. Pauls says word-for-word, “the ultimate trap will be set for a system of government claiming to protect a free society.” The feds, enforcing new power and authority will become what he describes as a “lethal threat” to civil liberties. Ironically, it’s likely to be US citizens themselves that clamor for new enforcement measures to be used before recognizing – too late – the nature of the trap.

More details, including his concerns regarding intelligence agencies, the military, and the welfare state – and what could be done to hold off crisis – can be seen in the video below, which came to our attention via GoldSilver’s recent post on Ron Paul’s urgent warning.

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