Just try this in America

A story like this makes me wonder how free a country it is that I live in.  From the New York Times:

Students disrupted a speech by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday at a major university in Tehran, setting fire to photographs of him and throwing firecrackers.

The protesters chanted “death to the dictator” and demanded the resignation of Alireza Rahai, a conservative and the chancellor of the institution, Amirkabir University, the Iranian Student News Agency reported.

Mr. Ahmadinejad cut his speech short and left as his security guards tried to stop angry students, who kicked at the car that carried him away, witnesses said. The guards did not remove the students or use force to stop the protests.

Actually, I suppose the Secret Service would have no problem if during a Bush speech, people started burning pictures of Ahmadinejad…assuming it didn't violate a fire code.

OK, all kidding aside, for all I know, the students were infiltrated by a bunch of informants and they're all being rounded up as we speak, after the fact.  But if Ahmadinejad really aspires to greater influence across the Middle East, and the world at large, he's got to start acting the part and put the kibosh on these protests before they ever get cranked up.  I mean, if this happened to the Chimperor (credit to my wife for the expression), his credibility around the world would be shot to pieces.  Oh, wait, that's already the case.  Never mind…

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