Just another government program

We really shouldn't be surprised to see the news that the so-called "surge" of troops into Iraq will take more time and require more troops than first advertised by Team Bush.  After all, it's a government program we're talking about.

But so-called "conservatives," especially in this day and age, are oblivious to the notion that nation-building ventures are subject to the same cost overruns, bureaucratic bloat, and all-around screw-ups as any other government program.  No, in the minds of conservatives, Iraq is some sort of grand exception to the rule, or a case where the rule simply doesn't apply.  And when forced to acknowledge that, well, yes, certain forecasts and projections they made didn't pan out, they ask us to consider they were well-intentioned — exactly what liberals say when their cherished programs wind up costing more and delivering less than promised.  (This point about good intentions was something Rush Limbaugh hammered away at very effectively in the 90s.  Have any callers thrown it back in his face vis-a-vis Iraq?  I wouldn't know myself since he's been absolutely insufferable to listen to post-9/11.)

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