Jim Rogers: I'm Optimistic About the U.S. Dollar

“I’m not very smart… but I like to go where there’s not much competition,” contrarian investor and Daily Reckoning contributor Jim Rogers said last week in an interview with the BBC, commenting on the preponderance of high-speed and momentum trading. “The bulk of the volume on the New York Stock Exchange, for instance, is [that] kind of investor… but that leaves opportunities for people who are willing to find… hidden gems.”

Rogers had a few tips for investors. “I’m wildly optimistic about agriculture,” he explained. “It’s going to be one of the most exciting economic sectors in the world in the next 20 or 30 years. Prices have been so low… the sugar price has been down 75% since 1974.” He noted the longtime lows signaled good long-term buying opportunities.

Rogers has shifted his currency strategy, now believing that “currency turmoil” around the world will lead investors to flee to the relative security of dollars. “To my astonishment, I’m optimistic about the U.S. dollar, which I’ve been terribly pessimistic about for years.”

The DR’s Chris Mayer shares Rogers’ optimism on agriculture investing. He has some insight on agri-plays in Saskatchewan, Canada here .

Check out the video here. What do you think about Rogers’ newfound enthusiasm for the U.S. dollar? Comment below!

Jason Farrell
For The Daily Reckoning

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