His next big chance?

TiVo alert:  Republican debate tonight, 9 PM Eastern, Fox News Channel.  Conventional wisdom (which once in a while is correct) says now that it's after Labor Day, primary voters will start to pay attention to the campaign in a way they haven't up till now.  So it's another big opportunity for Ron Paul.  Or is it?  I figure one of two things will happen:

  1. Fox will make some sort of effort to trip up Paul in hopes of derailing his candidacy (or more to the point, silencing the ideas to which his candidacy gives a voice).  But if it works out like last time, it will serve only to boost his profile.
  2. Fox will make every effort to diminish Paul’s presence among the eight candidates on the stage, limiting his face time and (depending on the format) asking him questions on obscure issues that give him little chance to play up either the war or the shredding of the Constitution.

I could be wrong.  I certainly hope so.

The Daily Reckoning