Hillary’s Economic Plan: Eat Your Pets for Food

If you’ve ever wondered what hell on earth looks like, have a peek at the socialist paradise of Venezuela…

Thousands are dying in hospitals due to a lack of doctors, equipment and medicine.

There are drastic shortages of basics like food, clean water, toilet paper and electricity.

Looting and rioting are rampant.

Starving people are eating pet dogs and cats to stay alive.

Socialism is literally killing Venezuelans en masse.

And now Hillary Clinton’s top economic adviser wants that misery for you come 2017.

A Dangerous Man With a Plan

When lunatic Hugo Chavez assumed power in 1999, Venezuela was Latin America’s richest economy, with the largest oil reserves in the world.

But Chavez was a man with a plan. He believed his country was in need of “hope and change” in the form of a socialist revolution – give the people the power was his clarion call.

He called his program “21st-century socialism”… but it was simply a rebranded version of “tax the rich” and mass handouts of “free” stuff like healthcare, housing and education.

U.S. socialists like Senator Bernie Sanders, Sean Penn and Oliver Stone praised Chavez for his “courageous” and “compassionate” policies.

But sentient adults who had actually cracked open an Economics 101 textbook knew how it was all going to end.

Chavez wasn’t handing out freebies. Somebody had to pay for them. In socialism, that somebody is always somebody else.

And as Margaret Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

When that happened to Chavez’s handpicked successor, Nicolas Maduro, he did what government schemers do when they run out of cash – he made more of it.

The result? Venezuela’s currency has lost 93% of it value and inflation is set to reach more than 700% this year.

So Maduro doubled down…

He tried to tame his inflationary monster with price controls. The result? Producers in Venezuela can’t meet their costs. That’s creating mass shortages. And now more than 80% live in poverty.

That’s how socialist fantasies always end: economic collapse rooted in mind-bogglingly self-destructive policies.

And now Clinton wants to bring the “joy” of socialism to America.

The Female Chavez

Hillary’s been preaching a lot like Hugo Chavez on the campaign trail as she promises free college, free universal health care and income redistribution to make things “fair.”

That’s not by accident…

One of her most influential economic advisers is Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel Prize-winning economist who’s a big fan of the Venezuelan model.

Stiglitz traveled to Caracas in 2007 to praise Venezuela’s economic programs and “positive policies in health and education.”

That’s a tragic statement in light of the hellhole of starvation and death that’s been caused by a government pretending to take care of everyone.

But what’s more tragic is Stiglitz now wants to force this insanity down our throats.

You see, like Chavez, Stiglitz is a man with a plan. And his plan for Hillary’s first term is Chavez-style free stuff for all Americans.

Buying votes and power could never be easier!

But he’s not stopping there…

In a recent report, Stiglitz called for “rewriting the rules of the American economy” in order to battle income inequality.

And why wouldn’t he. He knows what’s best for 323 million people.

How he going to do this? The tried-and-true way – more wealth redistribution, higher taxes, more regulation and an even more activist Federal Reserve focused on unemployment, not inflation.

That means more of your hard-earned income out of your check, perpetual negative interest rates, and more man-made market crashes.

That’s what’s coming in a second Clinton presidency.

And when the inevitable societal collapse arrives with it, just be sure to keep your pets away from hungry neighbors.

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Michael Covel
for The Daily Reckoning

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