Green Jobs from the Government Not Gonna Happen

“Green Jobs Don’t Exist in a Free Market” was the headline for Tom DeWeese, writing at, which is exactly right; the only jobs that exist in a free market are those supplying real demand for, as an example, hamburgers, pizza, fried chicken and tacos, which has resulted in fast-food restaurants supplying them to be located on, seemingly, every other block in the Whole Freaking Country (WFC).

The reason he brings this up is that he says, “Obama and his environmentalist hordes convinced Congress that the money would be used to create an army of home weatherizers, wind-turbine factory jobs and other employment opportunities that would help put to work the nearly 8 million people who have lost their jobs during the recession.”

That sounds just like Obama, as that particular doofus said, apparently before reading Mr. DeWeese’s article and getting a little smarts, “We know the jobs of the 21st century will be created in developing alternative energy,” which is so laughably preposterous that I am sure it made Mr. DeWeese laugh with a cruelly mocking tone as did the Cruelly Mocking Mogambo (CMM)! Hahaha!

Actually, I figure that the most jobs will be created in making 3-D pornography, importing high-definition video equipment on which to view it, smuggling stuff, and rampant prostitution as Americans find out the true market value of their terrible educations and ridiculous sense of entitlement versus the value of software and industrial robots, particularly if software starts making a robot that can shoot flames out of its mouth and bullets out of its fingers.

As to where Mr. DeWeese got this timeless fact that “green jobs” don’t exist in the private economy, it apparently comes from “Economic lesson number one: Government regulations do not create jobs. Private industry serving the wants and needs of the consumers create jobs. Period.”

I figure that the word “period” followed by a real period was somewhat premature, as I would have added, “In fact, government and government regulations are a net economic drain and a real loser, you morons, and the more government and the more government regulations you have, the sicker and sicker the economy becomes until you wind up like we are today, where government spending is half the economy, the total tax take is almost 60% of Every Freaking Thing (EFT), national debt is 95% of GDP and going up 10% a year, and everybody is broke, and if you are not buying gold, silver and oil, then something is wrong, seriously wrong, with you!”

And I am sure that it will get worse and worse as the ridiculous Obama and his Congressional lapdogs will spend gigantic amounts of money forcing people into “green jobs,” with the Federal Reserve creating the money that the government will borrow and spend, creating ruinous inflation in consumer prices. Maybe even to the point of hyperinflation! Hyperinflation and beyond!

As to that, Jim Sinclair, in his Mineset newsletter, notes that “Hyperinflation is always the product of a loss of confidence in currency resulting in a ‘Currency Produced Cost-Push Hyperinflation,’” which is very classy of him, since he does not mention that I am screaming that “loss of confidence in a currency” is the result of the stupid government creating, or allowing to be created (as in the case of the foul Federal Reserve here in America), excess amounts of money so that the money goes into prices, and price inflation is because the money is more and more valueless because so much of it is being created, and soon nobody in their right mind wants the stuff.

Again without mentioning my Screaming Mogambo Interruption (SMI) about the odious Federal Reserve and how they should all rot in hell, he goes on, “All hyperinflation in modern history has occurred for one reason, and one reason only. That is loss of confidence in currency.”

Worse, “When hyperinflation has occurred in modern history, EVERY economy involved was decimated as, and when, it occurred.”

I notice that again he does not mention price inflation, the scary boogieman that haunts my nightmares and the thing that will destroy us all. I figure that this is my chance to interrupt with something more than denouncing the horrid Federal Reserve for creating so much money that inflation is boiling along at more than 6%, which he probably cleverly deduces from the expectant look on my face.

Anticipating me, or perhaps trying to make me just sit down and shut up, he says essentially the same thing! He notes how hyperinflation, “has never been caused by ‘Demand-Pull,’ but always and without exception caused by ‘Currency Induced Cost-Push Hyperinflation” which makes me scream even louder because this is the same thing as saying prices are higher, which is what I have been screaming about for about ten minutes now and my throat is getting sore! Gaaahhh!

The awful news is that Fed will create trillions and trillions more dollars over the years to slake the ravenous appetite of Congress for deficit-spending, a fact characterized by Mr. Sinclair as “the Fed can and will do QE to infinity.”

Setting your Mogambo Secret Decoder Rings (MSDR) you can translate “quantitative easing to infinity” to mean, “Buy gold, silver and oil!” which makes it all so easy that I finally stop screaming, and merely shout in glee, “Whee! This investing stuff is easy!”

The Mogambo Guru
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