Faber: Dollar Will go to a Value of Exactly Zero Eventually

In an interview with Bloomberg, the editor and publisher of the Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report Marc Faber discussed his strong views on the dollar. Here are a couple of his key comments, paraphrased below…

* There’s this huge debate between the inflationists and the deflationists… I belong more to the camp that looks at inflation and deflation from a different perspective. In the sense that in every system you can have some prices going down up and some prices going up. Say if you have a glut in consumer goods, then consumer goods prices can go up. But if you print money and have a zero interest rate, then home prices theoretically could go up, or stocks, or commodities. In any event your cash purchasing power goes down, that’s a symptom of deflation.

* The worst investments in an inflationary period, when you print money and have large fiscal deficits are, of course, long term bonds and then cash. The best is to have foreign currency and commodities… also equities can protect you to some extent because they adjust upward as the currency goes down.

* Regarding the dollar he says, “well, it will go to a value of exactly zero eventually.” When pressed for a timeline he explains, “Looking at Mr. Obama and his administration it should already be there, but I think it will take roughly ten years until people really realize that the fiscal position of the US is a complete disaster.”

The video came to our attention via Seeking Alpha’s coverage of Marc Faber on the US dollar and stimulus. You can watch the entire video below.

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