Enjoy Your New Horse Operation

Out in the plains of Wyoming, you own a very large horse operation. Let me tell you all about it…

The Bureau of Land Management, in its infinite wisdom, looked at a herd of wild mustangs and decided that they could no longer fend for themselves or find their own food. That perhaps the food was scarcer than it had been, and this could lead to detrimental results for the horses.

And so, employing pickup trucks and helicopters (we’ve come a long way from the Ponderosa), they rounded up these majestic beasts into a huge pen. And when I say huge, I mean the government has currently collected 33,000 horses. Again, in its infinite wisdom, it has provided birth equine control (at no cost to the horses). In addition, it is doing DNA testing to identify the horses individually. (Again, at no cost to the horses.)

They are housed and fed at a cost so far this year of $35 million. That’s right — 35 MILLION dollars, paid by you. But you can go adopt one if you like. You’ve paid for it. All you have to do is get there; I guess you could ride your horse home.

The Daily Reckoning