The Election's Already Over

Mindful of how the first presidential debate went, my wife and I settled in after dinner last night to perform our rightful civic duty.

We watched our Green Bay Packers host the New York Giants. Pretty good game; the Pack’s offensive line made all the difference.

The second debate, you wonder? As with nearly everything else campaign-oriented this year, I followed events almost exclusively through the Twitter feed of freelance writer and VICE contributor Michael Tracey. It’s about the only way I can retain my sanity…

The man has a point: The Second Vermont Republic is as close to a viable secession movement as exists in these United States.

And we daresay Mr. Tracey is not engaged in hyperbole when he speaks of “collapse.” Not after seeing the post-debate missive from our own David Stockman this morning.

“The 2016 election campaign is over,” he writes this morning at his revamped, subscriber-only Contra Corner. We felt it was worth giving you a peek.

“The establishment media have destroyed Trump’s candidacy — not by refuting a single issue in his indictment of the status quo but by destroying the entirety of his already flawed character.”

Yep. Was there anything we didn’t already know about Trump’s character before The Washington Postput those interview outtakes online late Friday?

Doesn’t matter: The effect amounted to assassination by media, says David: The Post took out Trump “not because of his potty mouth and sophomoric locker room braggadocio, but because he dared challenge the War Party neocons who rule on the say of the poobahs who inhabit the Post’s editorial suites.”

And so it goes with the elite governing and financial classes — which nearly to a person have fallen all over themselves signaling their virtue this year by denouncing Trump.

The unanimity is breathtaking… and vociferous to the point of descending into parody. From an NBC “fact check” after the debate…

Factcheck NBC

Little wonder the elites are circling the wagons, says David: “For 30 years, they have mired the nation in war, debt, rampant financial inflation, economic failure and the suffocating rule of the Imperial City.”

Trump threatened their rule. He had to be destroyed. Fortunately for them, he was a fatally flawed candidate and made himself an easy target.

But what now? “The next four years are destined to become a time of epic financial, economic and political failure,” says David.

“The blame will fall directly on President (nearly elect) Hillary Clinton and our current ruling elites.”

Here’s the good news: David sees a massive political realignment materializing from that failure. “The chance is at hand for the ashes of economic and political failure to burn America’s own Leviathan down to size.

“Indeed, from the grand political realignment now possible, there could emerge a new party of peace, prosperity and liberty. Just imagine that — a fresh-start party stripped of the neocon warmongers, the social-con morality police and the legions of beltway bandits and racketeers that populate both parties.”

The problem is what happens between now and then — “the current drift toward fiscal bankruptcy, war with Russia and a thundering collapse of the Fed’s giant financial bubble,” as David describes it.

In other words, the collapse that would make the Second Vermont Republic look quite attractive, heh.

David warned about two of these dangers — the war with Russia part is a more recent development — in his massive 2013 tome The Great Deformation.

Now he’s out with a shorter book called Trumped!: A Nation on the Brink of Ruin… and How to Bring It Back.


Dave Gonigam
for The 5 Min. Forecast

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