Drugs Are Killing the USA

I am not referring to legal drugs.  Mexico has now been taken over by gangsters and it is spilling into America.  The USA supplies the cash and weapons for this.  Mexican gangsters and others have even gone as far North as peaceful Vancouver, Canada, which has had 32 drug-related shooting in the past month.

We have fought the war on drugs for decades and it is only getting worse.  Billions of dollars are shipped out of the USA to fuel the gangsters.  These gangsters would otherwise be productive citizens.  I was talking in the Circus Circus Las Vegas bar with a Mexican/American last week.  I learned that a friend of his in Mexico used to be a welder but now makes much more working for the cartels.

The police depend upon the drug industry for their jobs.  The gangsters depend upon the police in order to keep the competition down and the prices up.

There is a simple solution that needs to be sold to the public because no politician would be in power very long if he expressed support for it before the public was sold on it.

Take the profit out of trafficking.  Keep these drugs illegal but provide them free of charge to the users along with education, treatment and training.  These free drugs would be provided by health care professionals and be of high quality.  Some addicts would kill themselves as they would anyway, but they would do so in a controlled environment without harming others. Most addicts would choose proper treatment and become productive citizens again.

Pushers would have no reason to encourage others to get hooked on their “free” drugs and pimps would no longer be able to force our most vulnerable to hook for their vile product, because they can now get it for free.

The taxpayer cost of these drugs would be nothing because they would be offset many fold by the reduced cost of auto insurance alone.  The majority of all crime in the USA is associated with desperate addicts doing whatever necessary to get the next fix.  They will smash a car window if they see a few coins in a car.  They will steal the entire car for a few dollars more or just for the rush.  They have nothing to loose.  Everyone pays for this.  One car theft can destroy many lives and cause severe harm to even more.

Our society is fragile and chaos is not far away.  The balance between productive citizens who obey and enforce the law is being tilted toward those who destroy our society and drugs greatly exacerbate this.

We can do what we have been doing and get killed by the drug industry or we can turn it around and kill the drug industry by killing the profit.  Doing the same or nothing different is certain death for us all.  It is late in the game.  It is time to send in quarterback Obama and many other players to change what is not a game at all.  First step is to sell this plan to others.  We are trying here.  Do your part to pass this along.  We all depend upon it.

Name withheld because this message is death to the drug Cartels.

I would say Good Luck…but it has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with taking action.  Get to work.

David Kenyan

March 17, 2009

When not sending in thoughtful submissions to the Whiskey Room, David Kenyan is making sure that airplanes don’t collide…in Canada of all places.

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