Dr. Marc Faber on Precious Metal and Asset Allocation

I spoke with Dr. Marc Faber about his strategies for protecting and growing wealth in the coming years, and beyond. In the webinar, some of the topics covered with Dr Faber included:

  • Why he now believes that gold manipulation is a strong possibility
  • Technical risks of bitcoin and assets and money intermediated and dependent on technology?
  • Asian investment opportunities and why he likes Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Western stagnation or collapse?
  • How to own precious metals?
  • Dollar cost average or lump sum?
  • Take profits/ rebalance or buy and hold for long term?
  • Allocations to precious metals?
  • Favored asset allocation?
  • Other investment and business opportunities?
  • The yuan as global reserve currency?
  • Why small is beautiful when it comes to economies, nations and currencies.
  • Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece and others should consider leaving the euro and returning to national currencies.

The interview was as informative as ever and Dr. Faber took the time to answer some questions from participants. Click on the video above to watch.



Mark O’Byrne
for TheDaily Reckoning

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