Chinese Boom Brings Home Its Best and Brightest

“Talents heed the call of home,” says China Daily.

For many years, some of the brightest and best of young Chinese left the country. They considered the opportunities for education, entrepreneurship, and career advancement better overseas. Often, they went to the finest universities in Britain, Canada and America. Then, they took top jobs at multi-national companies, research institutes…and in academia.

But now they’re coming home, says the paper.

We met a number of these people yesterday. US-educated…sometimes US-raised…the overseas Chinese are now finding more opportunities back in China.


Because there is more money in China. Growth rates are higher. And new businesses find capital more easily.

In short, China is booming. And booms bring prodigal sons back home.

“I studied law in America…”

“I went to university in Montreal, Canada…”

“I used to work for Baker Mckenzie…”

“I grew up in Tennessee…”

It seemed like everyone we met had ties to the US or Canada. But now they’re doing business in China, not in North America…

Boom, Baby, Boom…

Bill Bonner
for The Daily Reckoning

The Daily Reckoning