China is hot...and getting hotter

Maybe the United States can start restoring its imbalance of trade with China by exporting more deodorant.

Beijing is getting pretty serious about curbing China's ever-growing energy consumption.  In the capital, "energy-saving police" will soon be on patrol:

Xinhua News Agency said the 20-member team was also part of the municipal government's "Green Olympics" promise for next year's Olympic Games.

It quoted team leader Huang Qian as saying the "energy-saving police" will check if energy consumption in offices, hotels, schools, shopping malls and other big buildings meets national standards.

For example, air conditioning can be no cooler than 79 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and heating no warmer than 68 degrees in winter.

Huang said those who fail to improve after warnings "will face penalties and their names will be publicized on TV, on the radio and in newspapers."

A special phone number has been set up so the public can report buildings that fail to conform to the rules, Xinhua said.

Kinda like squealing on people who water their lawns on odd-numbered days, no?  If the old saying is true about China being more of a "shame culture" than a "guilt culture," perhaps this will have some impact.

And to make the whole process a little more palatable, the government is urging businesses to loosen up on their dress codes, even allowing t-shirts in summer.

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