"But our intentions were good!"

Well, I pretty much saw this one coming, even if I didn't blog about it and can't have the satisfaction of telling anyone "I told you so."

Turns out the electricity-saving scheme dreamed up by our all-knowing, all-seeing world improvers in Washington, D.C. isn't saving much electricity after all.  Power company executives tell Reuters the new, earlier daylight saving time has done little to cut power consumption from the same period last year, when standard time was still in effect.

But doesn't it stand to reason, with commute times stretching in tandem with suburban sprawl?  Think about it… 15 years ago in a major U.S. city, perhaps two or three local TV stations had newscasts on at 6 A.M.  Now it's not uncommon for four stations to go head-to-head at 5 A.M.  A few are even on at 4:30, and in San Francisco, 4 A.M.!People are getting up earlier and earlier.  In the dark.  They need the lights on.

Fear not, though… The Reuters article reports, "The U.S. Congress will evaluate the effects of the earlier switch to Daylight Saving Time."

Oh, I can't wait to see how they remedy this.

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