Banks Gave You a Mortgage in Exchange for Your Honor

In this thought-provoking clip, The Colbert Report’s Stephen Colbert dissects the real reason behind the mortgage meltdown. It wasn’t a matter of predatory lending, or irresponsible borrowing… it was actually a matter of honor:

“When you signed that mortgage you gave your word, and your word is who you are…

“…and I think this is a question of honor. The banks thought your honor was worth something and they gave you, they gave you a mortgage in exchange for your honor. It was so precious to those banks that they bundled your honor with other peoples’ honor and cut that honor bundle into securitized honor derivatives which they then sold to Wall Street honor speculators. And, in an attempt to get more honor to sell, they mixed your honor with the honor of people who did not honor their honor and eventually the honor bubble burst, but… that doesn’t mean they’re responsible.”

Pure genius. This video came to our attention via The Mess That Greenspan Made in its post on “honor bound.” The clip follows below.

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