Baltimore-based Agora Financial Stepping Up Efforts To Aid Haiti’s Hospital Albert Schweitzer

BALTIMORE, MD — Economic Research Firm Rallies Newsletter Subscribers for Haitian Hospital — Aid from across the U.S. and world is pouring in to support the relief efforts taking place in Haiti. Monetary support is going to the American Red Cross and other organizations, but the people of Haiti are looking to local hospitals for medical care. Unfortunately, many of those facilities have been damaged and their resources have been exhausted.

Agora Financial, a leading economic research and newsletter publisher in Baltimore, Md., is taking the necessary steps to raise funds for one of the hospitals in dire need of assistance — the Hospital Albert Schweitzer (HAS). HAS, founded in 1954 as a joint project of the Mellon family in Pittsburgh and the legendary humanitarian Albert Schweitzer, is fighting valiantly to take care of the injured Haitians who are being sent to the hospital. But resources are running out.

Addison Wiggin, executive publisher of Agora Financial, LLC along with Byron King, editor of Agora Financial’s newsletter Outstanding Investments, sent an urgent appeal to 500,000 readers, offering to donate sales from financial newsletter Outstanding Investments to a Haitian relief program. The reaction has been staggering, with more than $82,500 already committed to HAS.

“It really is a horrible situation in Haiti right now, and hospitals like HAS are on the front lines of this unfortunate catastrophe,” said Addison Wiggin. “There’s been a groundswell of support from our readers, and we are hopeful more will step forward to support our efforts.”

In the letter to readers titled “Haiti: An Urgent Appeal,” Wiggin says, “Usually, you turn to us for investment ideas — helping you sort through a bewildering array of choices. Likewise, maybe you’ve wanted to donate to the relief effort in Haiti, but you have no idea which organization is worthy of your dollars: After all, many of them waste huge amounts of money on overhead. You want to donate to folks who will put your dollars to work actually helping people.”

The letter goes on to say, “If you are looking for a good cause that can help relieve the suffering in Haiti, there is none more worthy than Hospital Albert Schweitzer.”

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