A Few Nations Under God: Race and National Socialism in America

In a few days the offspring of the sexual congress between an African black (who really and truly was from an actual nation in Africa) and an American white of European descent will be sworn in as president of the United States. I don’t think this amounts to much at all. In fact, I nearly came to blows with someone at a restaurant bar over the notion a few weeks ago. He insisted that I should be overjoyed that a black guy was about to become president. It seemed lost on him that that assumption required pre-judging me based on my color; that it reduced my reason, memory and personal history to a neat little dark brown box. Perhaps he’d have liked to guess my I.Q., and proficiency at dancing and basketball as well.

Americans of obvious African descent really got a raw deal. Their ancestors were slaves in Africa and sold to Europeans by their African masters. That’s some introduction to American society…and you never really get over the first impression you make. And then there was the fact that Africans just looked so alien; surely, if you weren’t one of them, it must have been hard to think of them as human in quite the same way; the same genus perhaps, but not the same species. The swarthy Greek and Italian, epicanthic fold-bedecked Pole and Swede and even the unwashed Irish all eventually melded into the existing Anglo-Germanic society of North America…but at least they were honest-to-God white people. And the Asians! As exotic as they must have seemed to a European, they at least weren’t so brown (well, maybe the South Asians were…), nor at all nappy-headed.

It must have been easy for people of pure European stock to view Africans as chattel with only vaguely humanoid shapes: sort of like bipedal goats and cows. That, of course, didn’t stop white slave owners from doing what slave owners have done with their female slaves from time immemorial: add them to the harem. The result: there is hardly a person of African descent in the New World today who doesn’t have anywhere from 10 to 60% European ancestry (the median is about 20%; those with more than 60% or so were able “to pass” and sometimes they integrated into white society). In Latin American countries some of them wouldn’t even have to check “black” on the census box! On the other hand if you’re white in America and your ancestors’ arrival predates one of the waves of European immigration in the 19th and 20th Centuries, then you may be surprised at what’s in your family tree; it’s probably not just “a little bit of Indian.”

There are tons of blacks in North America with no immediate pure white ancestry who nevertheless carry about as much European DNA as someone like Obama whose own father was about as pure black African as one can get. Obama, despite having a white mamma, looks like any random sampling of blacks in the U.S. who on average have almost as much white ancestry, though very rarely as immediate as a full-blooded parent or grandparent. Someone like Obama has geographical/racial genetic markers occurring in clumps as opposed to the more sifted occurrences in the chromosomes born of generations of mixing. Whatever the case, it doesn’t take much African blood to make one black. A drop will do…particularly if the evidence is written on one’s features.

Let’s be frank: a lot of the resentment folks rightfully feel about government handouts and entitlements are focused very squarely on a particular group of recipients: the descendants of the African slaves in the U.S. To the average white taxpayer, they amount to shiftless negroes, crack-dealers and bastard-producing welfare queens…even more simply put: just about every single black person on these shores who isn’t a professional athlete, entertainer, Colin Powell, or Condoleezza Rice.

What does this have to do with the price of tea in China or the price of gold in a Comex squeeze?

I dunno.

I’m just pointing out that there is a very real and seemingly irreconcilable resentment among a small handful of different groups in this country. The two largest players are the American white and black races, but making a growing claim are the Spanish-speaking folk of largely indigenous descent (the majority of those reading this will know them simply as “Mexicans” or “illegals,” whatever their actual nationality). Their arrival to our black/white tussle is like that of fashionably late Kurds to an all-nighter being thrown by the Sunni and Shia.

I can only guess at the role these post-1492 mestizos will play as our nation wends its way toward currency destruction and resource shortages. Maybe a lot of them will just go back home. Maybe the ones who’ve been in the Southwest of this country for generations will conspire with the government of their ancestors and help reconquistar California, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, and a hearty chunk of Arizona. I do know that just about every one of the hundreds of Mexican or South American immigrants I’ve ever met usually works at least 10 hours per day and is willing to live in a small, neatly kept room for years at a time, often in a houseful of strangers. In other words, like the white immigrants who preceded them, they are willing to risk, sacrifice, and work hard in hopes of a better a future for their descendants. I also know that they feel about as much solidarity with blacks as do the Irish or Italian immigrants who came before.

Though the ethnic, linguistic and cultural differences certainly don’t help the situation, the hatred toward Hispanic immigrants (remember: the ones we see tend not to be primarily of European descent who tend to stay in their home countries…unless a communist dictator kicks them out…) is largely a byproduct of our welfare state. Those of us paying into it can’t help but resent those who benefit from it without paying a dime. Few probably hate the old, the sick or even the illegal immigrant so much as they hate being forced to give strangers money…though giving money to strangers from another tribe is probably more painful. Alas national socialism is a perfectly natural end result of the state…and it tends to breed the longing for genocidal purging.

But as I pointed out a little earlier, at least the Hispanic immigrant will be looking to earn his keep, even if he benefits from the taxes we pay and which he does not…and even if his descendants in this country are tripped up on their way to integration because of multicultural political frippery like bilingual education. On the other hand, black folks in this country have come to rely on politics to address grievances, instead of simply getting to work. Yet they mistrust and hate the state from which they demand resources. The result is an entire race stumbling through life like an indolent teenager who when asked to pitch in falls back on the line, “I never asked to be born.” Fair treatment before the law is about as far as anyone should want to take things. Government subsidy just begs for resentment.

Race is a troublesome and unscientific way to group things, but like Newtonian physics, it’s tremendously useful for where the rubber meets the road. Race is both real and ephemeral, a concrete phantom, a mirage that you can smell and taste just enough to think it has considerable substance. As with the aforementioned Newtonian mechanics, it breaks down when you look really close, but it’s real enough for the gross world in which people must live. Angels and molecular biologists can ignore it; most of us can’t.

The trouble really comes not from folks making personal decisions based on race, but on the state doing so. And here we come to the meat of this argument. The ideal American attitude toward people-who-aren’t-exactly-like-me ought to be “I’ll tolerate you…but don’t expect me to pay for you. I ask that you do the same.” Perhaps it would be so if we hadn’t been accelerating toward outright national socialism for the past hundred years. Socialism, despite its attempts at kindergarten inclusiveness, naturally lends itself to genocide. It’s what happens when you mix the basic human tendency to favor those clearly of one’s own tribe with forced resource-sharing a la the state.

Forced integration is as pernicious as forced segregation. Leave people alone and they’ll sort themselves out. I can’t fault anyone for wanting to live among people who look like they do and speak the same language. But that’s really a matter of property rights and personal freedom. When it becomes a matter the state feels obliged to address, the results are the enhanced division we see manifest in the decay and color-based blight in our cities. It was the state that initially passed laws forbidding people to intermarry and that racially codified who would be property, thus retarding integration of people of obvious African descent into mainstream society. It is the state that now uses money stolen from one set of citizens to pay off and simultaneously cripple another along glaringly racial lines.

It doesn’t matter whose ancestors did what or had what done to them. Things are as they are now, and compounding past errors with the excuse of past grievances is just not a good idea. Of course, the state doesn’t agree with me on this. Hence the past hundred years of forced integration and legislation, whose end result has been to strip one segment of the people of initiative, morals, and hope…and which continues to foster resentment and mutual distrust…and often hatred.

Working whites don’t’ mind the relatively small portion of their own race on the dole so much, but they see the black race as (innately) parasitical and perhaps intellectually challenged. And this goes for those whites who voted along party lines for the black messiah. Whether they think this calls for coddling, deportation or extermination is an individual matter, but the perception is probably fairly uniform. They may view Hispanics the same way to varying degrees, while Hispanics may have similar intimations towards blacks. Whites see non-whites as taking food from their own children’s mouths at the point of the government gun and offering only criminal violence in return. Whatever the accuracy of this perception—and it’s very accurate to quite a few—whites may not stand for it as the going continues to get unbelievably rough for them financially. Meanwhile, the black race seems to be itching for a chance to enact wholesale violence against the white race…and probably won’t be in any better shape materially as scarcity increases.

A black face will be superimposed on the head of the monster from D.C. I suspect that it doesn’t mean a blessed thing in terms of healing the damage done to race relations by state intervention in the first place. And then there’s what we expect will happen to the currency. Hmm…hyperinflation and three large and distinct racial groups who really don’t care for each other? How do you think this is going to turn out? Personally I think no amount of wishful thinking and singing “Kumbaya” together is going to help. When resources get scarce, people tend to eat the horses…and then each other…and they tend to do their killing along ethnic and racial lines.

Gary Gibson

January 16, 2009

The Daily Reckoning