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Mogambo GuruA Massive Tax Hike that Will Doom Us All

Richard Daughty

On this ominous Friday the 13th, the great Mogambo Guru establishes contact from his Mogambo Bunker of Paranoid Hysteria (MBOPH): All while the very government and Federal Reserve created to protect his person and pennies undermine him at every turn. This could get ugly...

Mogambo GuruA Comforting Solution to an Economic Nightmare

Richard Daughty

Thanks to the damnable Federal Reserve, and the inflation that results from unchecked money printing, prices of everything are constantly going up. And for the Mogambo Guru, that's the scariest thing he can think of... Even scarier than a nightmare where ravenous wolves consume him whole. Read on...

Mogambo GuruInvestment Solutions in an Age of Monetary Madness

Richard Daughty

An economy that relies as heavily on credit and debt creation as the U.S. does is bound to encounter trouble eventually. Today, the Mogambo Guru explains why this massive debt will inevitably destroy the economy and then demonstrates the subtle difference between a "Special Kind Of Stupid" and a "Special Kind of Brilliant." Read on...