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Bill BonnerFatten Up Your Pets: A Survival Guide to Digital Apocalypse

Bill Bonner

When the government pumps trillions of dollars into the economy, it's not actually printing the money. It enters as digital entries in banks across the country. It's made the system fast, responsive, and unfortunately, vulnerable. And ff this network goes down, the entire world could fall apart. Bill Bonner explains...

How to Stop Corporations (and Jobs) from Fleeing America

Clem Chambers

American citizens aren't the only ones fleeing the country because they don't like the direction it's headed. Corporations expatriate for similar reasons. So why are companies desperate enough about corporate tax to leave the U.S., the champion of freedom and enterprise? Clem Chambers explains here...

Minerals vs. Marijuana

Douglas French

It might go against conventional thinking, but following the crowd usually makes you miss the real opportunities. At one monetary metal conference recently, the smartest guys in the industry sat down to discuss where these real hidden gems lay. But where does marijuana fall in this debate? Doug French has the scoop...

The Moral Case for Self-Driving Cars

Ronald Bailey

Say goodbye to your boring morning commute. New technologies are changing the way people drive their cars. It’s making them safer, more fuel efficient, and could reshape the way America builds its roads and cities. Ronald Bailey has more...

What Happens When Central Bankers Take Over

Gary North

Central planners have taken control of the U.S. economy. Everyone already knows that. What few people realize, however, is the central planners aren't the ones they elect and send to D.C. In fact, they're not part of the political process at all. And for that reason, they're the most dangerous people of all.

Laissez FaireWhy the Fed Doesn’t Care About How You View the Economy

Gary North

With so many economists employed by the Federal Reserve these days, it seems the Fed has basically bought control of the entire field of economics. Today, Gary North examines the problems that imposes on the monetary system and the difficulty it creates for more rational viewpoints to be taken seriously. Read on...

Laissez Faire3 Important Lessons from the Great Gold Swindle

Sean Brodrick

In 1898, two gold prospectors went to Lubec, Maine and claimed they could harvest gold from seawater. They promised the town fabulous wealth. And the townsfolk bought it hook, line and sinker. But, as the saying goes, if something is too good to be true, it often is. Sean Brodrick relays the full story, what you can learn from it, right here...

How to Stop the NSA From Reading Your Email

Hollie Slade

Do you trust Google? If you have a gmail account you do. Because Google scans your emails to sell you relevant products. But if you want a more secure way to send emails, you're in luck. There's a new email client being developed right now that will keep your emails completely hidden... even from the NSA. Hollie Slade explains...

Bill BonnerFed Incompetence: Your Financial Bubble Indicator

Bill Bonner

In 2008, everyone had a bright outlook on the future. It took a market correction to shut them all up. Now another problem is looming. And, just like last time, the people in charge won't recognize there's a crisis until it's too late. Today, Bill Bonner explains how you can prepare yourself for whatever crisis comes next. Read on...

Laissez FaireWhen Your Doctor Succumbs to the Pressures of Obamacare

A Hinkle

The Affordable Care Act is an astounding show of government force. Insurance companies are forced to provide coverage. And, of course, you're forced to buy coverage (or pay a fine... er... "tax.") But there's actually one group they haven't coerced yet... But as A. Barton Hinkle explains, that might only be a matter of time. Read on...