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5 Min. ForecastHow to Profit On the Back of an “Activist Investor”

Dave Gonigam

Since the invention of the "shareholder rights plan" (i.e. the "poison pill"), most companies are relatively immune to hostile takeovers. But according to Dave Gonigam that could all change thanks to one activist investor. And if you're savvy enough, you may just be able to follow his lead for big gains. Read on...

One ETF to Play Asymmetric Warfare

Addison Wiggin

Almost one year ago, substation telephone cables were maliciously cut in San Jose, CA. In 20 minutes, 17 transformers were knocked out. A year on, similar threats have cropped up. Today, Addison Wiggin explains why these threats are so serious for the safety of the global economy... and shows you one way to play it...

What Small-Caps are Saying About the Current “Bubble”

Greg Guenthner

The big problem with declaring bubbles is that it really does you no good. Unless you're attempting to measure and time market moves, you're also blowing hot air. But if you keep watch for negative divergences, you have a much better shot at figuring out big market moves than the latest bubble-busters. Greg Guenthner explains...

A Simple Strategy for Investing in the US Energy Boom

Byron King

Too often investments are made in a vacuum. But as Byron King demonstrates, the global economic crash... easy money... and technological advancements are all interdependent. In particular, that connection has changed the investment calculus in the resource market. Read on to learn how...

Beware the Barrage of New Tech IPOs

Greg Guenthner

Lately, the market seems to be obsessed with new tech darlings with flashy names and exciting stories. But there are more sinister forces at work... Today Greg Guenthner explains why you should pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, and avoid being tempted by big name tech IPOs. Read on...

5 Min. ForecastThe 2 Forces Driving the Current Stock Market Boom

Dave Gonigam

Stocks have started off this week pretty flat. But is more volatility to come as the week progresses? Today, Dave Gonigam takes a look at a few scenarios for the rest of this week, and for 2014 as a whole - specifically relaying what one analyst sees as the two main forces currently driving the market boom. Read on...

How to Grow Your Wealth by 60% Overnight

Chris Mayer

Every year, the U.S. government spends billions of dollars. And though most of it adds little or no economic value, it nevertheless boosts GDP numbers higher. Today, Chris explains why this is such a dangerous practice, and why almost no one recognizes it. Read on...

The Financial Scam that Every American Falls For

Bill Bonner

According to most D.C. insiders the best way to solve the debt crisis is to take on more debt. That's just how things operate in the Potomac swamp. Of course, it wasn't always like this. In fact, there used to be common sense when it came to the economy. So where did it all go wrong? Bill Bonner explains...

Coming Soon: The Return of Cheap Energy

Greg Guenthner

Filthy coal power is muscling its way back into the picture. And while stocks have suffered over the past several weeks, coal names are starting to show signs of life. Nuclear, hydro, and solar can hit the bricks. The future of energy is going low-tech... and dirty. Is a new age of cheap, dirty energy upon us? Greg Guenthner explains...

VideoHow to Predict an Economic Collapse

Kate Incontrera

In his recently released book, A Viennese Waltz Down Wall Street, Mark Skousen gives the Austrian School's take on what triggered the 2008 financial crisis - and why you should be wary of the artificial boom that's driving the recovery.