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QE = Debt Cancellation

Peter Coyne

If you’re just tuning in, we’re two parts deep into our three-part conversation with Richard Duncan. Part III continues with talks on globalization, deflation, quantitative easing, the dollar crisis and more. Read on...

Is the Cheap Oil Trade Dead? Think Again…

Greg Guenthner

Look, we ain’t gonna see $100 oil anytime soon. That's great news for businesses guzzling a lot of fuel. Operating costs are way down, which means higher profits. And higher stock prices. And yes, you can still find plenty of great opportunities to book profits as companies save money on fuel…

It’s Time to Go Nuclear if You Want Double-Digit Gains

Greg Guenthner

Nuclear power has been hammered since the Fukushima disaster in Japan four years ago. But as Greg Guenthner explains, nuclear power is making a comeback as countries around the world appreciate its great potential. He’ll also tell you exactly how to play this trend.

Simple Secrets For Making Money From Gold Stocks

Frank Holmes

Today our friend, Frank Holmes, interviews one of the world’s leading gold investing experts to bring us the inside scoop on today’s gold mining climate. As it turns out, there’s money to be made even in a downturn, and he’s got a couple of great companies to share before the next gold breakout…

Tokyo Real Estate: Buy or Sell?

Chris Mayer

The topic is Japanese real estate. And the question is: Are we buying or selling? Chris Mayer goes into detail about the Tokyo housing situation after going on a trip there recently. Find out what action he thinks you should take here...

The Coming May “Oil Buy Signal”

Matt Insley

According to the EIA, U.S. oil production is set to peak in May as shale drillers cut back enough to actually cause a decrease in oil output. As Matt shows, we can expect oil prices to stabilize soon after, meaning now is a great time to pick up well-run oil companies before they too rebound.