Top 10 Donald Trump Tweets About Gold

As Donald J. Trump continues to utilize Twitter as his primary medium of breaking news, opinion and more – Trump tweets about gold, fiat currency and major companies will continue to impact markets.

So where is a safe space to invest? Many believe gold might be the pivotal economic security blanket.

Jim Rickards gave us an exclusive look at his analysis featured in the Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance where he noted, “Gold offers adversaries significant benefits in a world of U.S. imposed dollar-based sanctions. Gold is physical, not digital, so it cannot be hacked or frozen. Gold is easy to transport by air to settle balance of payments or other transactions between nations.”

Gold has been positioned to be a reliable asset in the wake of great volatility.

In the world of gold and commodities, understanding the Trump tweets about gold and topics surrounding the Federal Reserve could better position you to stay above the market noise.

While some of the tweets may be indirectly about gold, they all have a relative impact within its place in the market.

Top 10 Donald Trump Tweets About Gold:

[OK, so this may be the same as the tweet sent out in February of 2015 beyond Trump choosing to capitalize the first half of the sentence. The point is, this is obviously a philosophy well established in his thought process.]

[While this may not seem like a tweet about gold, it is. Gold had just fallen for three months in a row. Which is such a rare occasion that even Forbes noted the historical significance of it. The Federal Reserve’s actions had investors spooked across the board.]

[Donald Trump was not the catalyst for the move, the Fed action put a higher demand on gold. As CNN noted at the time, gold was “topping a fresh record high above $1,900 an ounce.”]

The expectation that even more tweets on gold would stream from the commander-in-chief is almost certain.

With his Twitter habits Trump has amassed a steady following. The newest resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has surpassed 20 million followers. On the Twitter-sphere, that places him right behind Canadian pop-rock star Avril Lavigne in overall followers.

While considerable differences exist between the two audiences, one is the president of the United States who has the ability to move markets, direct investors, shake up foreign policy and direct the world’s largest military.

Trump’s Twitter habits, as he told the Sunday Times, will continue throughout his term in office. He noted, “…I can put out Twitter — and it’s not 140, it’s now 280 — I can go bing bing bing… and they put it on…” The clear expectation is that Twitter will become an even more prolific communication device once the Republican leader begins to shape policy.

Markets and monetary policy have already begun to stem from tweets sent from Donald Trump.  Companies such as General Motors (GM), Carrier, Boeing and Toyota have all seen their stocks shift due to the tweeting habits from @realDonaldTrump.

One start up company took on this market reaction and created an app called Trump Trigger which allows users to immediately trade stocks based around Trump’s tweets about public companies that are sent out.

While there is no way to predict the musings from our president, one thing is for sure – Twitter will be a must-see medium. As long as his Trump tweets continue to get results, this tactic will continue.

Now is the time to keep your eyes on the monetary system. It is time to pay attention to the impact of gold and the dollar seeping through the Oval Office and the @realDonaldTrump.

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