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Extra!Ron Paul: I’m Not Selling My Gold

Jason Farrell

The well known libertarian, gold enthusiast and Daily Reckoning contributor Ron Paul was interviewed yesterday to give his thoughts on recent gold price swings and gold’s relationship to the dollar.

Extra!Lehrman: Consequences of Fiat Money Still Unfolding

Jason Farrell

Lehrman, a tireless advocate of the gold standard for the last four decades, cites the end of the Bretton Woods agreement, described by Lehrman as "the last vestige of monetary restraint" in 1971, as the beginning of runaway deficits in the U.S.

Addison WigginThe “Zero Hour” Scenario

Addison Wiggin

This is “zero hour” — the day you can mark on a calendar when the price of real metal breaks away forever from the quoted price on CNBC’s ticker.