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Greece Drama Turns To a Jobs Jamboree Day

Chuck Butler

Chuck Butler reports no news of any negotiations with Greece and the eurozone, just a new poll. Plus, the Riksbank deepens negative rates, currency wars take over, and what will the Jobs Jamboree will have in store? All that and more in today's Daily Pfennig...

What The ECB Will Do

Chuck Butler

Chuck Butler explains the breakdown of the Greek referendum vote that will take place this Sunday, plus the euro rallies then sells off, and another week data print from New Zealand... all that and more in today's Daily Pfennig...

The Fed Does The Old Texas Two-Step…

Chuck Butler

The Fed leaves rates unchanged... the dollar gets sold on the Fed news... SNB stays steady, the Norges Bank cuts rates... while Russia and China drop their Treasury holdings and more in today's Daily Pfennig...

Extra!Fiat Money Quantity Hits New Record

Alasdair Macleod

Another monetary milestone just passed: based on the monthly figures to 1st October recently released by the St Louis Fed, FMQ jumped $227bn in September to $12,176bn. What now?

Extra!Miners Reporting Serious Progress

John Rubino

Suddenly, there's a 2014 scenario that's not depressing: Let precious metals prices start to rise a bit and miners come in with lower than expected costs, and these stocks, at record lows versus their underlying metals, might have a big year.

Extra!Gold Breaks Out of Short-Term Downtrend

Alasdair Macleod

There is little doubt that as a brand the US dollar has taken a beating. Not only did the US suffer the indignity of airing its washing in public, not only did a ratings agency threaten to downgrade US Government debt, but also the Chinese through their official news agency Xinhua are calling for an end to dollar and US supremacy.